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United States film actor

United States film actor noted for his swashbuckling roles (1883-1939)

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During his address to the Fairbanks Morse team, the Secretary showed appreciation for the Fairbanks Morse workforce and the company's vital role as part of the US industrial base.
Fairbanks-area meeting planners know this because they spent nine hours on a bus tour in March getting a feel for a sample of the region's venues; tourism and meeting promotion organization Explore Fairbanks holds at least one of these tours every year.
But she left behind a small box; in it, worn and refolded, were her letters from Douglas Fairbanks. Pickford and Fairbanks had ruled Hollywood as its first king and queen for a glorious decade.
Fairbanks' PALS is the number one choice for affordability and flexibility, according to the company.
Fairbanks headlined a slew of hit swashbucklers, including The Thief of Bagdad and The Mark of Zorro, was half of one of Hollywood's very first power couples upon his (rather controversial) marriage to actress Mary Pickford, was a founding member of both United Artists and The Motion Picture Academy, and even hosted the very first Oscars ceremony.
Fairbanks Scales will provide factory-trained service and support to operators of key plants used in fracking sand and cement production facilities.
Alaska Communications (Nasdaq:ALSK), a provider of wireless, mobile broadband, Internet, local, long-distance and advanced broadband solutions in Alaska, announced on Thursday the expansion of its 4G LTE coverage to customers in Fairbanks.
Two people were injured when a small plane crashed into Fairbanks Airport Two people were injured when a small plane crashed into a grassy area just after takeoff from Fairbanks International Airport.
Evolution did not just take place in humanity's past, according to Utah Valley University geneticist Daniel Fairbanks. He argues that it is occurring and shaping human life now, and that it will continue to do so.
The airline said Romano has served as vice president and publisher of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner since 2000 and is also vice president of the Kodiak Daily Mirror.
(Fairbanks, Alaska: University of Alaska Press, 2008.
A PLACE OF BELONGING: FIVE FOUNDING WOMEN OF FAIRBANKS, ALASKA is a powerful pick for any library strong in American women's history in general or Alaska history in particular.
When leaders at the Fairbanks addiction services organization in Indianapolis rewrote their mission statement at the start of the decade to emphasize recovery over treatment, the concept of a building that would reflect "community" was born.
Actor Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., had more than 60 movies behind him when he donned a navy uniform-and became a bona fide WWII hero.
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