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trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers

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trade that is conducted legally

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The Fair Trader, Fair Comment trader register is now recruiting St Helens based traders who work within any trade sector.
THE country's biggest online fair trader Ethical Superstore has confirmed its sale last week to Spark Response was partly prompted by the withdrawal of key investors.
By the beginning of the First World War the network was fast growing in the area - thriving on its reputation as a caring, fair trader - a label which we know is at the core of our success today.
A Fair Trader has been elected to the SCAA board of directors by the association membership.
For the moment consumer groups are urging the public to stick to estate agents who have signed up the Code of the OEA, and who display the triangular OEA and OFT Fair Trader logos.
The successor to the Milk Marketing Board has snapped up organic food fair trader Community Foods.
Featuring talk by Paul Chandler of fair trader organisation Traidcraft.
Fair Trader (@FairTradersCoop) in Holmfirth said: "We are lucky to have a great view of the race this afternoon
Barb Stegemann, creator of the Seven Virtues perfume range, will be speaking at Holmfirth Fair Trader, Huddersfield Road, on Monday (6.
He describes the role of industrial advances in the mass production of more and cheaper goods up to 1870, new ways of selling and marketing them, the spread of branding, the increase in the number and size of shops and better advertising, changes in the representation of the consumer and the language of goods, and changes in the politics of consumption, then details changes in the late 19th century to after World War I, including the expansion of the mass market, more sophisticated and extended advertising, the emergence of department stores, and pressure on liberal consumerism and the hegemony of free trade by fair traders and socialists, imperial consumerism, and democratic consumerism.
Conwy seed fair traders included Matthew Smith, left, and Lorraine Gorst from Daisy Chain, below PICS ARWYN ROBERTS
EVENT Birmingham Record Fair Traders from all over the UK will be congregating at the Custard Factory to sell their vinyl and CDs in all music genres.
Make sure you've got plenty of money, and go and spend some on the local vintage fair traders who will be in attendance.
Free trade and and a cleaner environment are also compatible, the misgivings of fair traders to the contrary notwithstanding.
Fair traders are concerned about the needs of both the supplier and the consumer.