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trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers

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trade that is conducted legally

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In spite of the evangelicalism of the fair trade movement, there's nothing to indicate it will ever be more than a niche market," Kent says.
The fair trade movement was set up to ensure growers of products such as coffee received a fair price for their wares, and to ensure minimum health and safety and environmental standards are complied with and there is no child or forced labour on plantations and in factories.
The Fair Trade movement is not an overnight sensation.
The roots of the Fair Trade movement date back to the 1940s when Mennonite churches provided direct markets for handicrafts made by European refugees after World War II.
For many years, GMCR has supported the Fair Trade movement because we believe that our highest quality coffees come from coffee-growing communities with a healthy quality of life.
So Starbucks and the Fair Trade movement are now in a process of exploring further partnership possibilities: accommodation and discussion are currently taking place on both sides of the table.
For many years the fair trade movement was merely the province of esoteric shops whose customers felt impelled to support poor farmers in Africa and Asia.
The missionaries selling items at my parish were part of myriad grassroots efforts that make up the fair trade movement.
The Fairtrade Foundation and the fair trade movement as a whole have done a lot to give a better life to producers in the developing world.
There is a rising consumer demand for and a consciousness about how foods are produced and their effect on the environment, which may bode well for the Fair Trade movement.
Supporting the fair trade movement and taking positive action to tackle the injustice that takes place in the world trading systems will improve these people's lives dramatically.
By converting their ingredients to Fair Trade, Ben & Jerry's will help galvanize its suppliers to join the Fair Trade movement.