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Synonyms for fail-safe

designed so as to be impervious to human error or misuse


Words related to fail-safe

a mechanism capable of returning to a safe state in case there is a failure or malfunction

Related Words

guaranteed not to fail

Related Words

eliminating danger by compensating automatically for a failure or malfunction

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Failsafe helped them develop a fully web-enabled application to monitor 1,800 well sites and about 120,000 I/O points across their principal reserves and producing properties in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and Canada.
Companies like Failsafe Payments that proactively help merchants meet their regulatory obligations are playing an important role in thwarting security breaches, reducing card fraud and protecting consumers from the consequences.
Automation Detection is now another 'behavior seen,' which is automatically correlated by Damballa Failsafe with other network communication behavior to identify infected devices.
com, FailSafe, Phoenix Freeze and the Phoenix Technologies logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Damballa Failsafe hunts for undetected threats by correlating a variety of observed network behaviors to identify malware-infections on any type of server or endpoint device including PCs, Macs, Unix, smartphones, iPads, or embedded systems.
Patrick Sallnert, COO of Failsafe Payments said; “We continue our strategy to integrate major bank transfer and direct debit solutions with CertoConnect.
On display will be HyperSpace, its award-winning operating system that enables users to instantly launch specialized, secure applications that can run independently or alongside of Windows, Phoenix Freeze, a Bluetooth-enabled laptop locker, and FailSafe, its award-winning anti-theft and data protection software.
the company transforming the fight against cyber threats, today announced that it received the Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American New Product Innovation Award in Cyber Threat Protection for the recently released Damballa Failsafe 5.
Patrick Sallnert, COO of Failsafe Payments said; “Failsafe Payments next steps with CertoConnect will be to integrate different bank transfer networks such as TrustPay.
Damballa's Failsafe Appliance Captures Five Times More Botnet Attack Activity Inside Enterprise Networks than Traditional Security Defenses(1)
Damballa Failsafe is the only solution specifically designed to automatically detect criminal network communication behavior, analyze zero-day and targeted malware, correlate the forensic evidence to pinpoint live infections, identify the nature of the threat and the criminal operator, and terminate the communication to stop data theft.
com)-- Moneybookers and Failsafe Payments Certo Payment Gateway are proud to announce a partnership that sees Moneybookers, one of Europe's largest online payments systems, join the Certo Payment Gateway's online e-wallet coverage.
the global leader in core systems software, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement with a top-tier PC OEM to provide the Phoenix FailSafe theft deterrence and data loss protection technology on this OEM's notebook computers.
the company transforming the fight against cyber threats, announced the release of Damballa Failsafe 4.