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Synonyms for fail-safe

designed so as to be impervious to human error or misuse


Words related to fail-safe

a mechanism capable of returning to a safe state in case there is a failure or malfunction

Related Words

guaranteed not to fail

Related Words

eliminating danger by compensating automatically for a failure or malfunction

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The type of coating chosen can lead to potential pipeline corrosion and failure if water penetrates between the coating and the pipe and the coating does not have "Fail Safe" characteristics.
(*) (150-grain, NP) Velocity 3,245 3,029 2,823 2,627 2,439 Energy 3,507 3,055 2,655 2,298 1,981 Trajectory +1.2 0 -5.5 -16.1 (*)Figures quoted for 26-inch barrels; all others for 24-inch barrels; BST = Ballistic Silvertip; FS = Fail Safe; PP = Power-Point; NP = Nosler Partition
The fail safe mechanism is intended to reassure Unionists that Sinn Fein would not be able to share power if the IRA defaulted on the decommissioning of its guns and bombs.
The FMEDA report showed the NETHERLOCKS partial stoke system FAITH (Fail Action Integrity Test Handling) to be very reliable, with 0 Fail Safe Detected, Fail Safe Undetected and Fail Dangerous Detected conditions recorded from the tests.
New Fail Safe Screwed-In nozzles from HRS Flow Hot Runner Systems NA Inc., Windsor, Ont., differ from standard configurations by screwing directly into the hot runner and by using a single or double coil heater instead of a standard heater.
has developed the Polyguard RD-6 coating system to be "fail safe".
They are said to support higher maximum load than other ADAM-4000 I/O modules and feature a communication watchdog, fail safe outputs as well as support for the Modbus RTU protocol.
Initial offerings from Winchester include a 130-grain Ballistic Silvertip bullet and a 140-grain Fail Safe bullet, both in the Supreme line.
Data from the Olin Corporation's Winchester Division Ballistic Services shows a load of 68.0 grains of WC760 powder with WLR primers, and the 180-grain Fail Safe bullet seated to give a cartridge overall length of 2.825 inches.
"Fail Safe" was superbly acted, flawlessly produced and had jaded industry insiders and critics drooling over themselves in anticipation.
The superstar, who secured a pounds 3.4million budget for the new version of 1964's Fail Safe, took a huge gamble with the project - the first such single-drama production on American TV for 39 years.
TORIES vowed today to join the Ulster Unionists in a bid to amend the Bill setting up a Northern Ireland executive to ensure ''fail safe'' guarantees on an IRA weapons handover are embedded in it.
There are five fail safe ways to have your dream break turn into a nightmare, according to author and psychotherapist Ian McDermott.
Flow-Quip is offering a new general brochure on its full line of Fail Safe Valve Actuators for pipeline and distribution sys tern ball, gate, butterfly or plug valves.