Fagus grandifolia

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North American forest tree with light green leaves and edible nuts

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The stand has a canopy dominated by Tsuga canadensis shared with straight-stemmed Quercus rubra, Acer rubrum, and Fagus grandifolia, with large Pinus strobus emerging above the canopy.
These were Aristida longispica, Carex prasina, Caulophyllum giganteum, Epifagus virginiana, Fagus grandifolia, Fraxinus nigra, Magnolia acuminata, Prosartes lanuginosa, Pedicularis lanceolata, Sambucus racemosa ssp.
This is an upland forest type, the main components of which include Acer saccharum, Fagus grandifolia, Betula alleghaniensis, Acer rubrum, Tsuga canadensis, Pinus strobus, and Pinus resinosa (Rowe 1977).
American beech: Fagus grandifolia of the Family Fagaceae
of stems Mean 1 SD Acer rubrum 8 18 15 Liriodendron tulipifera 8 17 11 Halesin carolina 58 14 12 Acer saccharum 45 13 15 Fagus grandifolia 27 11 7 Aesculus octandra 15 11 11 Tilia heterophylla 11 10 9 Tsuga canadensis 74 10 9 Betula alleghaniensis 12 10 9 Magnolia acuminata 8 10 12
ovata (shagbark hickory), Fagus grandifolia (American beech), Fraxinus americana (white ash), F.
One of the most exemplary shade-tolerant species is Fagus grandifolia Ehrh.
For example in the present study the mass of Fagus grandifolia in the outer layer is over six times that of Acer rubrum (the species with the next greatest mass).
The northern hardwood forest predominates at mid and low elevations, comprising Prunus pennsylvanica or Betula papyrifera as pioneers, yielding to Acer saccharum, Fagus grandifolia, and Betula alleghaniensis in later succession (Bormann and Likens 1979, Federer et al.
29 Fagus grandifolia -- -- -- Ostrya virginiana -- -- -- Total 29.
The most important species, based on relative importance values (RIV), are Fagus grandifolia, Acer saccharum, Prunus serotina and Fraxinus americana.
Other abundant species include Cornus florida, Quercus alba, and Fagus grandifolia.
The following groups of species were tested: entire margins - Cornus florida, Fagus grandifolia, Cercis canadensis, and Nyssa sylvatica; prominently toothed - Ulmus americana and Viburnum rafinesquianum; inconspicuously toothed - Prunus serotina and Viburnum prunifolium; compound and prominently toothed - Aesculus sylvatica, Carya alba, and Rubus allegheniensis; lobed with smooth margins - Quercus alba, Quercus stellata, and Liriodendron tulipifera; lobed with pointed or toothed margins - Quercus rubra, Viburnum acerifolium, Liquidambar styracifiua, and Acer rubrum.