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Fagotto di funghi con farne miste (serves 4-6) Ingredients For the bread dough: 12g fresh yeast 150ml lukewarm water 250g plain flour 25g buckwheat flour 25g polenta 25g Italian chickpea flour 1tsp salt 1 egg For the filling: 50ml extra virgin olive oil 60g pancetta, diced 1 leek, finely sliced 3 thyme sprigs, leaves only 600g mushrooms, sliced Salt and freshly ground black pepper Splash of white wine Egg wash Method 1.
The target audience of the communication must first access and attend to the communication (Fagotto & Graham, 2007).
14-Matteo Fagotto. "Is Erbil's growth spurt hype or for real?".
The title card copy reads: Passio / a / Canto Alto / Tenore Basso / Violino Multiplicato / Violone Seu Fagotto / con / Organo / Ex Choro Claro Tumbano / S: O: C: (20) Anno 1742.
Fagotto. "The Effectiveness of Regulatory Disclosure Policies." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 25, 2006, 155-81.
The authors of these evaluations note that their lessons may not be transferable to the international level: "Whether our framework also proves helpful in analyzing the effectiveness of international transparency is a subject of current work." Archon Fung, David Weil, Mary Graham, and Elena Fagotto, "The Political Economy of Transparency: What Makes Disclosure Policies Effective?" Occasional Paper, Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Kennedy School of Government, 2001, p.
We owe much to Elena Fagotto and Mary Graham for having clearly pointed out this gap in transparency and describing its negative impacts ("Full Disclosure: Using Transparency to Fight Climate Change," Issues, Summer 2007).
Infatti, "la differenza tra un uomo e un fagotto era per il signor Melfa che l'uomo si portava appresso le duecentocinquatamila lire; addosso, cucite nella giacca o tra la camicia e la pelle" (23).
[beta]-Catenin complexes with the adenomatous polyposis coli (Apc) gene and axin to regulate its phosphorylation by glycogen synthase kinase (Gsk3b) and subsequent proteosomal degradation (Henderson and Fagotto 2002).
It has been shown in a number of arthropod groups that, during embryonic development, yolk proteins are degraded by proteases to amino acids and low-molecular-weight peptides (McGregor and Loughton, 1974; Garesse et al., 1980; Ezquieta and Vallejo, 1985; Perona and Vallejo, 1985; Purcell et al., 1988; Fagotto, 1990; Nordin et al., 1990; Masetti et al., 1998).
Intanto anche il compositore, seguendo lo spirito dell'operazione dannunziana, trasforma la struttura melodica classica rifacendosi agli antichi modi musicali ecclesiastici e adottando un organico strumentale nel quale spiccano l'arcaico fagotto, le trombe, i corni e le arpe: un impasto timbrico quanto mai inusitato.
This equals the number of Brunetti compact discs recorded in the previous seventeen years: 3 Sinfonien performed by Concerto Koln (Capriccio 10489 [1994]); Siring Quartets, performed by the Schuppanzigh Quartett (CPO 999 780-2 [2001]); and Sei quintetti per due violini, viola, fagotto e violoncello, op.