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oak, Quercus suber, an evergreen tree of the family Fagaceae. It is
Seccion IV (Angiospermae: Fagaceae, Gramineae, Krameriaceae, Leguminosae).
Key words: Fagaceae, leaf venation pattern, Quercus, stomates.
The eight genera of the Fagaceae are arranged into three subfamilies: Fagoideae (Fagus and Nothofagus), Quercoideae (Quercus and Trigonobalanus), and Castaneoideae (Castanea, Castanopsis, Chyrsolepis, and Lithocarpus) (Elias, 1971; Kubitzki, 1993).
In North America, health and growth of American beech (Fagus grandifolia Ehrhart; Fagales: Fagaceae) have been degraded seriously by beech bark disease caused by the fungus Neonectria faginata (Lohman et al.) Castlebury & Rossman and to a lesser degree by Neonectria ditissima (Tul.
Abstract: We describe the habitat of species within the Fagaceae subgenus Lepidobalanus (genus Quercus) and identify environmental variables related to their distribution in the Meseta Central of Chiapas, Southern Mexico.
Spanish moss was collected monthly between Dec 2011 and Nov 2012 from oak (Quercus sp.) (Fagales: Fagaceae), pecan (Carya illinoiensis [Wangenheim] K.
Quercus alba and related species, including Quercus prinus, Quercus lyrata, and Quercus michauxii of the Family Fagaceae
This univoltine species spends about 9 mo in an obligatory adult diapause under dry leaves, usually in Quercus (Fagales: Fagaceae) scrub or weed stubble on the mountains and hills near wheat fields.