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(Norse mythology) the Norse dragon that guarded a treasure and was slain by Sigurd

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In March, police and border guards prevented the entry of eight members of Hell's Angels, who came to Iceland to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of Fafnir MC, an Icelandic biker gang that the Hell's Angels have selected as a prospective member of their organization.
Sigmund bemaak die fragmente van sy swaard aan sy seun, waarmee Sigurd later die draak, Fafnir doodmaak.
His father, King Sigmund, had a knife that was given to him by the god Odin; from its dust a magical sword is forged, with which Sigurd sets off to kill the dragon Fafnir. London has been "nuked ...
For example, Bell helicopter, Gorham silver, Homelite chain saws, Polaris snowmobiles, Sheaffer pens, Speidel watchbands, Talon zippers, Fafnir bearings, Bostitch staplers, E-Z-Go golf carts, just to name those that are well known.
Here the protagonist's obsession of the coin is reflected by the scene of his dream in which he was a pile of coins guarded by a Gryphon (Obras completas 1: 591), as well as by the fantastic story he writes in which the serpent Fafnir eagerly protects the treasure of the Nibelungen (Obras completas 1: 592).
The stone's inscription, incised ribbon-like around pictorial representations of significant characters, tells the story of the hero Sigurd and how he killed the dragon Fafnir and discovered the plot of Regin, his treacherous companion.
Hayes has been with Atlas-Copco, SKF, and Fafnir before moving into the bearing-grinding business.
The Super-precision Fafnir bearing range from The Torrington Company has been extended with the addition of new double row ballscrew support bearings.
To avoid such problems, Cintex turned to Fafnir, a division of the Torrington Co., which manufactures the Encoder Survivor bearing.
A new sensor bearing from Fafnir -- the electronic Survivor, Encoder Unit -- helps Cintex equipment do its job by providing an accurate speed-control signal for the conveyor, while providing the signal to ensure that the bad product is removed from the conveyor, regardless of variations in conveyor speed.
A casualty, I suspect, of Borges's implacable widow, Maria Kodama, who guards his literary legacy more zealously than Fafnir his hoard.) To quibble further: with one exception the volume ignores all Borges's voluminous writings on Argentine literature specifically, and Spanish literature generally, and that exception, "The Argentine Writer and Tradition" is, sad to say, quite cursory; it would have been useful, for example, to have had the entire early collection of essays, which Borges entitled Inquisiciones and then suppressed, available in English (a Spanish edition appeared after Borges's death in 1986).
Product positioning or production line control may be accomplished through products such as Baldor Electric Co.'s SmartMotor lineup, or The Torrington Co.'s upcoming Fafnir Survivor PT bearing units with internal electronic speed, position and direction sensors.
In Sigurdharkvida Fafnisbana onnur there is the 'person' who would introduce himself as Hnikarr, miraculously calm the sea for Sigurpr's voyage, and instruct him as to natural good omina (e.g., following the raven or hearing the howling wolf), that might influence his battle against the (supernatural) dragon Fafnir. Hnikarr, however, is not a human being endowed with a gift of divination; he rather turns out to be Openn himself, the supreme god of wisdom and of battle -- which, above all, makes his explanations serve the mere purpose of bestowing rules from above to humans, in this case to advise Sigurpr how to overcome the encounter with the (supernatural) dragon Fafnir, a battle, to the presentation of which the dialogue between Sigurpr and Hnikarr serves as the opener.
As a parallel to the dragon's den as a dwelling rather than a tomb, Joseph Harris has cited the description of Fafnir's den in Fafnismal, which refers to a dwelling dug into the ground, though it is of iron, not stone; it has hurdir af iarni oc gaetti; af iarni voro oc allir timbrstoccar i husino, enn grafit i iord nidr.