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a self-governing colony that is a possession of Denmark in the Faroe Islands

a group of 21 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic between Iceland and the Shetland Islands

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(190) The Germans also did not have aircraft available to reconnoiter the area between Iceland and the Faeroes. (191) Lutjens ordered an increase in speed to twenty-seven knots.
Some 20,000 people had traveled to the Faeroe Islands and Svalbard to watch the eclipse.
Islanders kill up to 1,000 whales annually out of an estimated pilot whale population of 128,000 in the northeast Atlantic, according to data kept by the Faeroe Islands.
Faeroe Islands: a few specimens from the islands Sandoy, Skuvoy and Suduroy (C).
The Willenhall company BE Wedge is to galvanize 4,000 metal seats for the national stadium of the Faeroe Islands, located 150 miles north-west of the Shetlands and 300 miles from Iceland.
As we near my destination o Kollafjord, a small fishing village (the description suits every town in the Faeroes), he begins and ends the conversation by pointing a bony finger out the window.
West Germany imports mostly from other EEC countries, plus Iceland, Norway and the Faeroes.
The full eclipse will only be seen in a narrow path across the northern hemisphere, and then reaching the Faeroes at 09:45 GMT (5:45 a.m.
Martin Rees: "There is total gulf between a few cobles off the North East coast and commercial fishers off Greenland and the Faeroes."
Faeroes, Fair Isle, Fastnet, Finisterre, Fisher, Forth and Forties?
The technology exists to lay cables from Iceland to Scotland, via the stepping stone islands of the Faeroes, Shetland and Orkney, if the price is right.
The author of God's Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible describes more earthly matters in a memoir of his sail-borne "affair with the Atlantic." In 2003 Nicolson and a friend took the Auk, a 42-foot wooden ketch, from Land's End in England up the west coast of Ireland, through the Hebrides to the Faeroes, a 1,500-mile trip through storm and stillness.
The Leicester terrier went from Cloud Nine to under a cloud after scoring against the Faeroes then four days later finding himself muzzled on the bench in Dortmund.
The Protocol will start running this January and will be vital for ensuring the balance of the entire TAC and quota package, as the Community's access to certain quotas in the waters of Norway, Iceland and the Faeroes, depends on passing on to these third countries quotas allocated to the Community off Greenland.The Ministers are due to adopt a Decision on concluding an Agreement on the preliminary application of the fourth Protocol setting forth the fisheries arrangements provided for in a Fisheries Agreement between the EEC, on the one hand, and Denmark and Greenland, on the other.
He won his first Scotland cap as a substitute in the Euro 2000 qualifier in Lithuania and has also been named in the squad for Scotland's next two games against Estonia and the Faeroes. Then to cap it all he goes and scores his first goal for Blackburn w ith a goahe-month contender.