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Synonyms for factor

Synonyms for factor

one of the individual entities contributing to a whole

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

Synonyms for factor

one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

any of the numbers (or symbols) that form a product when multiplied together

an independent variable in statistics

be a contributing factor

consider as relevant when making a decision

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Hyperfibrinolysis and acquired factor XIII deficiency in newly diagnosed pediatric malignancies.
Congenital factor XIII deficiency in Switzerland: from the worldwide first case in 1960 to its molecular characterisation in 2005.
Factor XIII deficiency is considered severe when the factor level is less than 5%, moderate when it is between 5% and 10%, and mild when factor XIII levels are greater than 10%.
Clot solubility test for factor XIII deficiency using 30% urea solution was also put up for every patient.
18 February 2011 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved yesterday Corifact, the first product intended to prevent bleeding in people with the rare genetic defect congenital Factor XIII deficiency.
Congenital blood coagulation factor XIII deficiency and successful deliveries: a review of the literature.
A detailed analysis of his coagulation values revealed that he had a factor XIII deficiency (activity: 56%).
The conditions for which the latest batch of products are intended are aneurismal subarachnoid haemorrhage, pulmonary arterial hypertension, multiple myeloma, iron overload, soft tissue sarcoma, and hereditary Factor XIII deficiency all, by definition, rare conditions in Europe, but all of them seriously affecting the quality of life of those who suffer from them, and all of them currently lacking adequate treatment possibilities.
Corifact is the only FDA-approved treatment for congenital Factor XIII deficiency, reported to be one of the rarest bleeding disorders in the world.