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Synonyms for fax

duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio

send something via a facsimile machine

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Under the FCC regulation, a fax blaster may be jointly and severally liable only "if it demonstrates a high degree of involvement in, or actual notice of, the unlawful activity and fails to take steps to prevent such facsimile transmissions.
Fax, or facsimile transmission, had been around for a number of years before radio.
Dewey, who writes extensively about computers in libraries, tackles here the use of facsimile transmission with a brief, no-nonsense introduction to fax.
Using facsimile transmission and teletypewriters, individuals at 280 at these locations are as close to their distant colleagues as the nearest terminal.
Bids received via facsimile transmission will be considered non-responsive.
In addition to the prepress efficiencies associated with full-page electronic output, those pages, which will be assembled on the paper's Harris system, will require no output, scanning and facsimile transmission.
has introduced a PC-compatible fax/modem card/desktop scanner package that comes standard with Windows and DOS fax software for high-resolution facsimile transmission using the scanner as an input device.
The Bank of New York Mellon 101 Barclay Street -- 7 East New York, NY 10286 Corporate Trust Operations Reorganization Unit Attn: Randolph Holder Telephone: (212) 815-5098 By Facsimile Transmission (eligible institutions only): (212) 298-1915 Telephone Inquiries: (212) 815-5098
The SparcRIP can drive a local Pressfax recorder, for output of scannable pages for facsimile transmission, or a remote Pressfax recorder, which dispenses with the scanning step -- reducing production time and equipment and materials costs.
The Fax modem, accessible through extensions to the AT command set, allow easy facsimile transmission and reception at 9600, 2400, and 300 bps.
608 2nd Avenue South Northstar East Building --12th Floor Minneapolis, Minnesota Facsimile Transmission 612-667-6282 Attn: Corporate Trust Operations Confirm by Telephone: 800-344-5128
The system can be expanded to handle electronic page assembly of text and graphics and transmission of raster page images to the remote print site, as well as the facsimile transmission of advertiser film and pasteup mechanicals.
com or by facsimile transmission to 615-275-2349 no later than 4:00 p.
All correspondence must be made via e-mail or facsimile transmission and sent only to Ms.
The patent, for technology built by EnvoyWorldWide in 2002, has been issued for the Company's ability to initiate messages from a handheld device for delivery to multiple device types including conventional or wireless telephone, facsimile transmission, pager, or email.