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a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

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IGNORANT FACISTS [sic] IN VIETNAM" on one side and "END
Franco can be considered to be at the "moderate" edge of the Euro facist movement.
The theatrical performers in ``Mephisto'' are putting on plays in Facist Germany.
Downtrodden, reduced to penury and almost starving under the Facist regime of Benito Mussolini, they welcomed the young Canadians with open arms.
30) In addition, the onset of World War II caused a further backlash against Italian-Americans because one of the United States' opponents was Facist Italy.
The Facist Challenge and the Policy of Appeasement.
His disgust for both the facist regime in South Africa and international socialism has been unambiguous, if tight-lipped; he has preferred to insist on the material obligations of liberal governments in the wider world.
Included in the package were letters outlining the links between Canadian and American Far Right groups and a copy of Maximum National Socialism, a locally-produced magazine which targeted Blacks, gays and anti-racists in what can only be described as a kind of facist pornography and which was disseminated by American groups such as the Euro-American Alliance.
The February revolution that toppled Marcos is undone: the taint of popular intervention, of the millions in the streets, that brought Aquino to power has been removed; the "people's power" that once was a buffer against the facist military has now become instead an extension of it in the civilian death squads.
Investigating the murder of a young girl with a disturbing sexual past, Inspector Ze Coelho overturns the dark soil of history and unearths old bones from Portugal's facist past.
Well I remember in 1939, when Adolf Hitler tried to take my country from me, we all put a gun in our hands and fought, sailed and flew against his facist regime and kept our country free and safe and democratic.
1943 Benito Mussolini was forced to resign as Dictator of Italy, bringing and end to the Facist regime.
I am sorry you had to witness our city reduced to a battlefield by a gang of drunken, facist sectarians.
In a facist, future society where independent thought and speech is quelled, a firefighter whose duty it is to burn any books on sight meets a book-hoarding womanm who he falls for.
William never told racist jokes, and if he had, they would not have been on the show,'' responds Diane Ekeblad, CBS publicist for the series, who acknowledges that Eddie has, in fact, told facist jokes.