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a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

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IGNORANT FACISTS [sic] IN VIETNAM" on one side and "END
Despite this, Batum became a target of protestors and a student yelled as, "CHP is also a facist party like the AK Party." Batum said, "if you do this to me and Burhan Kuzu, this is also fascism.
Italy was led by facist dictator Mussolini during World War Two.
Chief Insp Adrian Atherley, head of West Midlands Police's diversity and community cohesion unit, told yesterday's meeting how both groups involved, the EDL and the Anti Facist League, acted within the law and the problem lay with their supporters.
Summary: From Jon Stewart's criticism of Israel to a self-proclaimed Facist's call to wipe out Gaza, videos about Israel's offensive are making the rounds in the Middle East.
On the day of the protest, Howe slipped into the back of a picket line wearing his civilian clothes and carrying a sign that read: "Let's Have More Than a 'Choice' Between Petty, Ignorant, Facists (sic) in 1968" on one side and "End Johnson's Facist (sic) Aggression in Vietnam" on the other.
The collapse of liberal Italy and the rise of Facist Italy after the war created links between facism and Catholicism that were clearly manifested in the Lateran Pact of 1929.
Franco can be considered to be at the "moderate" edge of the Euro facist movement.
Downtrodden, reduced to penury and almost starving under the Facist regime of Benito Mussolini, they welcomed the young Canadians with open arms.
Early Italian immigrants were considered "dark, swarthy" people who could not be trusted.(30) In addition, the onset of World War II caused a further backlash against Italian-Americans because one of the United States' opponents was Facist Italy.(31) These events and prejudices caused Italian-Americans to rely on their families for protection.(32) As described by one scholar, "[t]he [Italian] immigrant's home was his sanctuary, his retreat from the harshness of [American] life."(33)
The Facist Challenge and the Policy of Appeasement.
His disgust for both the facist regime in South Africa and international socialism has been unambiguous, if tight-lipped; he has preferred to insist on the material obligations of liberal governments in the wider world.
The February revolution that toppled Marcos is undone: the taint of popular intervention, of the millions in the streets, that brought Aquino to power has been removed; the "people's power" that once was a buffer against the facist military has now become instead an extension of it in the civilian death squads.
Well I remember in 1939, when Adolf Hitler tried to take my country from me, we all put a gun in our hands and fought, sailed and flew against his facist regime and kept our country free and safe and democratic.