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a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

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A separate counter demonstration, including protesters from Unite Against Facism (UAF), was taking place in Chamberlain Square.
(79.) For example, the Polish Constitution, adopted in 1997, prohibits the constitution of parties whose programs are based "upon totalitarian methods and the modes of activity of nazism, facism and communism." See Konstytucja Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z dnia 2 kwietnia 1997 r.
And I was thinking about this in relation to Braidotti addressing European cosmopolitanism4 now, and arguing for thorough "self criticisms and nomadic transformations on the basis of accountability for our complex history" (2013: 17), in which she specified imperialism, facism.
A Unite Against Facism spokesman said: "Soldiers off the Street will appeal to members of the public who aren't aware of its extreme right–wing background."
Around 2,000 members of the far-right EDL convened in Birmingham on July 20 for the protest, which sparked a counter demonstration by the Unite Against Facism (UAF).
One United Against Facism supporter Adam Iqbal said: "The police have come out in massive numbers and have been quite intimidating in their show of force.
Millions laid down their lives in the war ' against facism
PROTEST The Unite Against Facism march in Newcastle city centre, confronting the English Defence League in 2010
Were this 'parody' not to be in place I would reify the human in masculinity or femininity, slaves or citizens, or even (such as in facism) in the individual.
However, at one stage police intervened to prevent disorder as members of the EDL were confronted by a Unite Against Facism breakaway group.
Even though the student opposes facism, she dutifuly follows Miss Brodie's advice and travels to Spain where she is tragically killed while supporting a cause in which she does not truly believe.
In 2006, for instance, a collective of permanent literary type produced a public statement "Together facing the "New Totalitarianism" in which a force called "Islamism" is linked to "Facism, Nazism, and Stalinism."
King writes that Brinkmeyer's analysis of the attitudes of twelve southern writers toward Facism includes his observation that "this was a particularly touchy subject since some left-wing critics tended to see all white Southern writers, especially the Agrarians and Faulkner, as reactionaries, even proto-Fascists, in the 1930s." King (whose 1980 work, A Southern Renaissance: The Cultural Awakening of the American South, 1930-1955, includes considerable material on Wolfe) also claims that "Though on occasion making left-wing noises in that decade, Katherine Ann Porter and Thomas Wolfe were attracted to the irrationalities of Fascism, particularly anti-Semitism ..." (155).
CAPT Basil Aboul-Enein is an Air Force biomedical science officer and is a frequent contributor on Islamic militancy and facism and on Middle East command operations during World War II.
I wrote about this idea in the October 2002 issue of Global Spiral (an online publication of the Metanexus Institute), noting that while other threatening ideologies like Facism and Marxism have done terrible damage, only religion can promise its followers the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, a walk in the Gardens of Allah, or a seat at the right hand of God.