passive transport

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transport of a substance across a cell membrane by diffusion

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This technique is based on work carried out by the principle of substrate transport by membrane processes, such as facilitated transport through liquid membranes.
Indeed, this technique has been used to study the facilitated transport and apply it to the selective extraction and enrichment of varied organic compounds, such as amino acids [15, 16], amino-aromatic phosphates [17], sugars [18-20], herbicides [21, 22], and organic acids [23, 24].
This method, which is called facilitated transport or extraction through supported liquid membranes, is based on the recognition of a substrate (S) by a extractive agent molecule (T).
Each used SLM was placed for a period of about 20 hours between the two compartments of the used cell for this facilitated transport process (Figure 2), filled with bidistilled pure water solution.
Although in facilitated transport membrane, the error in thickness measurement is more much oblivious than other type of membrane due to gel penetration into support pores and Solvent loss, the separation results presented in permeance to omit the error of thickness measurements.
Detailed analysis of these parameters influencing the C[O.sub.2] facilitated transport is dramatically complicated.
In facilitated transport membrane, supports are responsible for mechanical strength, stability as well as permeability of the membrane based on their porosity and pore size.
Many studies have been carried out to calculate the theoretical permeation rates and predict the facilitation factor, which is generally defined as the ratio between the facilitated transport flux to the flux without carrier or purely molecular diffusive.
(1990) proposed a simulation for facilitated transport of C[O.sub.2] through an immobilized liquid membrane containing diethanolamine.
(1995) developed a new facilitated transport model for C[O.sub.2] through ion-exchange membranes containing a diamine complexing agent.
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