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  • noun

Synonyms for rejuvenation

the act of making new or as if new again

Synonyms for rejuvenation

the phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored


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the act of restoring to a more youthful condition

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Men and women want to present their 'best' at this time of year, and each year thousands of them realize that - when facing holiday obligations - they want the added confidence that a facial rejuvenation procedure delivers.
Dr Taquir Ahmad stated, 'The introduction of latest technologies in non-surgical field has paved ways for facial rejuvenation and body reshaping.
Long-term success of the thread-lift procedure for facial rejuvenation was evaluated in a retrospective review of 33 patients who underwent the traditional thread-lift procedure alone or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures to the brow, mid-face, jowl, and neck published in 2009.
It's remarkable how quickly the specialty of facial rejuvenation has evolved, even in the past few years.
However, there are more advanced treatments for facial rejuvenation that can hydrate the skin at a deeper level.
Top 5 reasons to choose Same Day Teeth from Changing Faces(r) Dentistry and Facial Rejuvenation 1.
According to the company, its products can be used for fat grafting to the breast, buttock or large volume contouring; natural breast augmentation; and breast reconstruction, capsular contracture, radiated breast or body tissue, deformities after injuries, orthopaedic procedures and facial rejuvenation and reconstruction.
He is a frequent lecturer on the subjects of facial rejuvenation as well as cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery and body contouring--especially after weight loss.
6 March 2017 - US-based investment banking firm and M/A advisory Cross Keys Capital, LLC acted as the exclusive financial advisor to US-based medical practice SouthEast Eye Specialists and its affiliates and Center for Facial Rejuvenation on their partnership with US-based private equity firm Flexpoint Ford, the bank said.
A review and update on facial rejuvenation using botulinum toxin "neuromodulators" is presented in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).
David Lieberman & Sachin Parikh, Bay Area leaders of NeoGraft[TM] hair restoration and facial rejuvenation, have seen a recent increase in the number of tech workers coming to their practice for a boost of self-confidence through a hair transplant.
This combination should strengthen the use of microdermabrasion as a non-invasive facial rejuvenation tool and support the role of topical antioxidants as anti-aging factors.
Complexion-reviving peels have been around for decades, but remain a gold standard for facial rejuvenation, often preferred by some AAFPRS members over resurfacing lasers.
Foreign and local experts will discuss Botolinum toxin and fillers, facial rejuvenation through HA fillers, lasers and radiofrequency devices, facial lifting and other related subjects.
Ten sections cover patient evaluation, nonsurgical and surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery of the eyelid, primary and secondary rhinoplasty, and cosmetic surgery of the ear, facial skeleton, breast, body, and extremities, as well as cosmetic procedures for hair transplantation, genital enhancement, and varicose veins.