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cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

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The brachial plexus was most frequently injured in motor vehicle accidents and the facial nerve injuries most commonly had an iatrogenic cause.
Facial nerve injuries after sagittal split mandibular ramus osteotomies for advancement: a report of 2 cases and review of the literature.
(5) The effect of CNTF on facial nerve injuries has been found to be useful by enhancing the survival of motor neurons in chicks, the neonatal motor neurons and muscle nerve fiber innervations in rats in different studies.
Facial nerve injuries more commonly occur in transverse fractures (38-50% of cases), rather than longitudinal fractures (20% of cases) of the temporal bone [3].
These findings have exciting clinical implications for facial nerve injuries because they suggest that, if a surgeon identifies a facial nerve injury during a surgical procedure, a single brief session of ES administered to the nerve prior to wound closure may increase muscle reinnervation and therefore decrease the patient's recovery time.