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Synonyms for Papilionaceae

leguminous plants whose flowers have butterfly-shaped corollas

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The tree topology from the NJ showed that three tribes of subfamily Faboideae (Fabaceae) (Phaseoleae, Trifolieae and Fabeae) were distinguished.
(Leguminosae: Faboideae) em Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.
Dicots, Fabaceae (subfamily Faboideae) through Zygophyllaceae (Revised Ed., 2013) by George Yatskievych.
Collect Extracts Family Date (#) 30/05/97 37 Fabaceae Mimosoideae 18/04/97 64 Hypericaceae 05/12/97 84 Olacaceae 25/06/98 171 Fabaceae Caesalpinioideae 18/04/97 178 Meliaceae 27/06/98 205 Fabaceae Caesalpinioideae 27/06/98 206 Fabaceae Caesalpinioideae 19/04/97 257 Fabaceae Caesalpinioideae 19/04/97 364 Polygonaceae 19/04/97 416 Fabaceae Faboideae 18/04/97 505 Lecythidaceae 09/09/98 621 Salicaceae 22/01/99 633 Fabaceae Mimosoideae 22/01/99 689 Fabaceae Mimosoideae 02/04/99 719 Salicaceae 22/01/00 1017 Fabaceae Faboideae 22/01/00 1117 Lauraceae 25/02/00 1151 Simaroubaceae Collect Species Date 30/05/97 Pithecellobium sp.
The efficacy of a plant product based on extracts of the leaves of sage and alfalfa (Medicago sativa L, Family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae) was investigated in the treatment of hot flushes in an open trial of 12 weeks duration with 30 menopausal women (De Leo 1998).
Chromosome numbers in the Phaseoleae (Fabaceae: Faboideae) and their relation to taxonomy.
(2015) para sementes de mulungu (Erythrina verna Vell.--Fabaceae, Faboideae), indicando a existencia de uma relacao direta entre os dois processos.
The family leguminosae is a large and economically important family of flowering plants and has traditionally been divided into three subfamilies Papilionoideae (Faboideae), Caesalpinioideae, and Mimosoideae.
Fruits and seeds of genera in the subfamily Faboideae (Fabaceae).