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Dentro de ellas las 11 familias mas ricas y diversas fueron: Fabaceae (32 especies), Moraceae (24), Rubiaceae (17), Malvaceae (13), Lauraceae (12), Euphorbiaceae (11), Urticaceae (9), Flacourtiaceae, Annonaceae, Myristicaceae y Nyctaginaceae con (7 especies), agrupando el 58% del total.
Arroyo (1981), al comparar las tres subfamilias de Fabaceae, encontro que Faboideae presenta la menor proporcion de especies autoincompatibles.
2007), destacando-se as familias Fabaceae (mencionadas como: Fabaceae, Caesalpiniaceae e Mimosaceae) e Asteraceae, como recurso para abelhas em Minas Gerais (BASTOS, 1995; MODRO et al.
The Fabaceae family contributed 11 plants, followed by the Asteraceae family with 5 plants.
2005) quienes reportan la polinizacion de una Fabaceae por esta especie en la Guyana Francesa.
The dominant families were Fabaceae (23%) and Moraceae (20%) (Table 1).
2004), the most frequent seed damaging insects of native forest species, especially Fabaceae, are Coleoptera belonging to Bruchidae, Anthribidae, Curculionidae and Cerambvcidae, Diptera of the Tephritidae family and Lepidoptera of Pvralidae family.
The most speciose families were Dioscoreaceae (ten species), followed by Fabaceae (eight), Malpighiaceae (eight), Sapindaceae (seven) and Convolvulaceae (six).
Also known as a garbanzo bean, the chickpea is a legume from the Fabaceae family (pea family) and is extremely high in protein and dietary fibers.
In this context, the aim of this study was to monitor the reproductive phases and study the germination behavior of seeds of selected native species from the Fabaceae family submitted to heat stress.