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El proyecto de investigacion consistio en inspeccionar las flores de diferentes especies de Fabaceae para buscar orugas de Lycaenidae.
The Fabaceae species used were Perennial Soybean (Neonotonia wightii Lackey), Tropical Kudzu (Pueraria phaseoloides Benth.), Macrotilom (Macrotylom aaxillare Verdc.) and Forage Peanut (Arachis pintoi Krapov.
Al realizar el analisis de individuos con y sin rebrote, la familia Fabaceae ocupa la primera posicion.
Comparing the 1 ha igapo plot with my 1 ha varzea plot (Myster 2016a), I found varzea had 42 families, 91 genera and 159 species with Fabaceae most common, varzea also had more stems and bigger stem but a similar stem mean stem size.
First comparative phenetic studies of Argentinean species of Acacia (Fabaceae), using morphometric, isozymal, and RAPD approaches.
Habitat: A herbaceous perennial member of the Fabaceae family, native to south eastern Europe and south west Asia, universally cultivated for its root.
Between Mar and Oct 2016, we collected 170 fruits of Senegalia tenuifolia (L.) (Fabaceae) at 2 sampling sites ('Pond 1/ 21.1228[degrees]S, 44.9780[degrees]W, and 'Pond 2/ 21.2341[degrees]S, 44.9764[degrees]W) within the campus of the Federal University of Lavras, at Lavras, Minas Gerais State, southeastern Brazil.
Tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica L.) is an arboreal fruit tree belonging to the Fabaceae family, native from Africa.
The most representative families in species number were Fabaceae (20), Malvaceae (7), Myrtaceae (6), Apocynaceae (5), Bignoniaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Rubiaceae, and Sapindaceae, with four species each.
We recorded 12 tree species from six families (i.e., Combretaceae, Fabaceae, Phyllanthaceae, Oleaceae, Rubiaceae, and Rhamnaceae) that were preferably browsed by giraffes in Umfurudzi Park in the dry and wet seasons.