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Synonyms for feist

a nervous belligerent little mongrel dog


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He knelt, holding the frantic fyce with both hands, hearing the abased wailing of the hounds drawing farther and farther away, until Sam came up.
He still held the fyce. Even in his arms and clear of the ground, it yapped frantically, straining and surging after the fading uproar of the two hounds like a tangle of wire springs.
Because a little dog--But he could have shot long before the fyce covered the twenty yards to where the bear waited, and Sam Fathers could have shot at any time during the interminable minute while Old Ben stood on his hind legs over them....
Ike realizes that his excuse of saving the fyce is a cover; the dog wouldn't have needed any rescue if either he or Sam Fathers had pulled the trigger.
Richard Adams undermines Ike's definition of a South corrupted by miscegenation by noting that Sam Fathers, the fyce, Lion, and Boon are all of mixed ancestry (148).