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an agency in the Department of the Interior that conserves and protects fish and wildlife and their habitats

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The FWS experiment will eliminate many barriers that made engagement with private sector employers undesirable for many colleges and universities.
A few applications for the FWS Poly include hyperspectral imaging, fluorescence microscopy, and machine vision, as well as OEM opportunities in life sciences instrumentation for flow cytometry and DNA sequencing.
What struck me as the saddest part of this story was how the FWS has, in recent years, stopped releasing these highly social animals as family groups.
Analyses were limited to tests on children living in residences in the FWS service area; children living in areas serviced by an alternative water system were not included.
The first issue on appeal was whether the ESA required BLM to consult with FWS regarding impacts of the Wind Project prior to approving the Road Project.
UV offers a highly affordable and environmentally friendly way to eliminate these types of threats right at the point the water will be used for drinking, cooking or even washing," FWS president, Steve Norvell, said.
(13) The consultation requirement, located in Section 7, requires federal agencies to consult with the FWS to ensure that no federal actions jeopardize the continued existence of endangered or threatened species or adversely modify their critical habitat.
In 1985 he was appointed the Acting Deputy Regional Director for FWS' Mountain-Prairie Regional Headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
FWS clips in front of the optic soldiers currently use.
Fullerene [C.sub.60] whiskers (FWs), among the crystals, catch special attentions and are widely studied in many fields, recognized its potential applications in solar cells, [9] catalysts carriers [10, 11], and so on.
MAE cyfle i wrando ar rai o'n llenorion ifanc mwyaf talentog yn darllen eu gwaith, ar daith fws o Fethesda i Ben Llyen.
The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of replacing concentrates with different levels of this fermented (FWS) product on intake and digestibility, ruminal characteristics, in situ digestion kinetics and nitrogen (N) metabolism in Nili-Ravi buffalo bulls.
For more information, visit FWS.gov and FWS.gov/Southeast.
Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) thanks in part to intervention by the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity.
Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) proposed use of appropriated funds to purchase and distribute caps and other items to residents of Alaska North Slope communities in furtherance of the agency's eider conservation plan.