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Synonyms for capacity

Synonyms for capacity

physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform

the ability or power to seize or attain

Synonyms for capacity

capability to perform or produce


the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment

the amount that can be contained


the maximum production possible

Related Words

a specified function

(computer science) the amount of information (in bytes) that can be stored on a disk drive

an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored

the power to learn or retain knowledge

tolerance for alcohol

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Under the distribution partnership, FVC will market, deliver and support Avaya's products and services including its range of unified communications and collaboration solutions, contact centre, communications cloud, phones, devices hosting SAS and hosted services solutions in Africa and Egypt.
Fadi Hani, VP (Middle East, Turkey and Africa) for Avaya, said: "FVC is a well-recognised name as a value-added-distributor in the African sub-continent and will bring immense value in terms of Avaya's reach with mid-market, cloud, and contact centre solutions."
The difference may be either due to the ethnicity, physical activity, cultural belief or the socioeconomic status.23 On the other hand, a study in Gujrat region of India found overall lower spirometry values in the boys (FVC 2.0+-0.46 and FEV1 1.76+-0.38) as well as in the girls (FVC 1.91+-0.47 and FEV1 1.69+-0.40) compared to the present study.24 A comparison study on Caucasian and United Kingdom born Asians found that the spirometry values were lower in UK born Asians than the Caucasian, and concluded that ethnicity was the main reason behind the variation.4 The present study reported that pulmonary function values were higher in boys compared to girls.
Sound move Marking the launch of the partnership are (left) Big Noise team leader David Munn, Big Noise graduate Frazer Grant, CEO Nicola Killean, Big Noise participant Annie McCaskell, FVC principal Ken Thomson, Big Noise graduate Tommy Hill and FVC vice principal Fiona Brown
Although, FVC and [FEV.sub.1] are also negatively correlated with BMI that correlation is not significant.
[FEV.sub.1] rapid decliners had a higher overall rate of incident cardiovascular disease than those without rapid decline, even after adjustment for baseline variables such as age, sex, race, body mass index, and heart rate (HR, 1.15; 95% CI, 1.04-1.26; P = .004), and FVC rapid decliners likewise had a 19% greater risk of the composite endpoint (HR, 1.19; 95% CI, 1.08-1.32; P less than .001).
We found that all pulmonary function parameters namely FVC, FE[V.sub.0.5], FE[V.sub.1], and FE[V.sub.3] were statistically significantly lower (P = 0.000) in poultry farm workers when compared to healthy controls whereas FE[V.sub.1]/FVC was normal indicating the restrictive type of ventilatory changes in poultry workers.
The graduations of some record-setting FVC skill-position players could affect the balance of power.
With this agreement, FVC can utilize the growing opportunity
The researchers found that the adjusted mean annual change was −18.9 mL/year and −22.2 mL/year for FEV1 and FVC, respectively, for individuals with the lowest quartile of anthocyanin intake.
Respiratory system variables (FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEFR, and FEF25-75%) were measured with digital spirometer for both controls and hypertensive patients.
FVC is a newly formed company founded by Singaporean entrepreneur, Lim Hui Jie, who was the chief executive officer of Australia-listed technology company, Digimatic Group, until March 2017.
The ratio of the forced vital capacity (FVC) that is not yet expired within the first 3 seconds of a forced exhalation is expressed with the following formula: 1 minus-forced expiratory volume in third seconds (1-[FEV.sub.3]) / FVC (1,2).
We have previously shown larger forced expiratory volumes in one second ([FEV.sub.1]) and, in particular forced vital capacities (FVC), in South Australian Metropolitan firefighters compared to age-matched controls, in both the entire sample and the majority who have no history of doctor-diagnosed lung disease [11].