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a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard

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"Following the successful implementation of Leap Billing, we can already see the benefits of the FTS' solution," said Hampton Mhlanga, TelOne's CEO.
FTS, mandated by UAE Central Bank, works as a real-time gross settlement system.
The base regulatory rate of return was lowered from 11% to 10% effective from 2013 by an FTS decision in Sep 2010.
In Malawi, there are now more than 145,000 farmers using FTS. 'In only five African countries, there are now some 400,000 smallholder farmers using fertiliser trees to provide critically needed soil nutrients" said Ajayi.
The judge was told during a hearing in London in October that FTS staff became "suspicious" about West Yorkshire Police after a manager discussed a terrorist investigation with a detective.
The implementation includes FTS Leap Billing's charging, billing, voucher management and customer management platforms.
FES' customers are the world's major oil companies with its FTS products being a key upstream link in recovering oil from subsea reserves.
FTS will continue to offer solutions that will assist leading carriers to increase both revenues and customer satisfaction, as well as use their BSS as an enabler to drive the creation of new products and services.
The FTS is available at ec/europa.eu/beneficiaries/fts/index_en.htm
And given the drug's history - FTS has already passed toxicity studies for other diseases and disorders - it has the potential to fast-track through FDA regulatory hurdles, skipping straight to Phase II clinical trials.
If you satisfy these requirements, either you, the examining agent or a group manager will prepare an application for the FTS program.
FTS in turn will perform component repairs on IB A320s and CFM-56B engines.
Farm to school (FTS) programs have been getting more and more attention these days.
And in Scotland, FTS helped convict camera phone killer Stephen Price, who posed for graphic pictures next to his butchered victim.
Fast-track settlement (FTS) is meant to improve business practices by reducing the burden on both the IRS and taxpayers through mediation.