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Synonyms for FTP

protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

use the file transfer protocol to transfer data from one computer to another

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The three FTPs were tested for binding to US28 and C[X.sub.3]CR1 using 125I C[X.sub.3]CL1 as radioligand and compared to C[X.sub.3]CL1-FTP (the "prototype") and F49A-FTP (Figure 2(b)).
After completion of the composite FTP, 25-mm long x 6-mm diameter micro-cores were extracted from the front face of the DOC and SCR for materials analysis and bench reactor testing.
-GoAnywhere Services, a Secure FTP Server with optionalWeb Client for browser-based transfers
Given all values, the resulting subsets PM, PB, NM, and NB corresponded, in the 2x2 table, to those of fuzzy true-positive (fTP), fuzzy false-positive (fFP), fuzzy true-negative (fTN), and fuzzy false-negative (fFN) cases, respectively.
In the present study, an attempt was made to determine the relation between self regulation (SR), the future time perspective (FTP) and delay of gratification (DOG) in order to explain the differences in the academic success levels of the students.
In connection with the offering, Fifth Third Bank and FTPS Partners will be exchanging a portion of their units in Vantiv Holding LLC, a subsidiary of Vantiv, Inc., for the shares of class A common stock to be sold in the offering.
We already support the popular transfer protocols of FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SCP, HTTP/s, SQL, and email in GoAnywhere Director, says Bob Luebbe, Linoma's chief architect.
"We are very pleased to acquire TNB Card Services, which has distinguished itself as a respected leader in the credit union market with a loyal following of clients and a focus on simplifying complex payment systems," said Charles Drucker, CEO of FTPS. "The acquisition furthers our position as a leading provider of innovative products and services for credit unions and their members.
The web is offering a central location to store information and share concepts through Wikipedia, online learning, distant communications, real-time information, social networking, video sharing, RSS, statistical tools, news feeds, podcasts, shared calendars, FTPs and others.
Juniors and senior students could exchange resources, share information, and learn techniques by e-mail and FTPs. The model made the process more competitive, and enabled the students to be actively involved in their project (HT1).
It is now a minority of the Gers crowd who are shaming - and endangering - their club with the FTPs at the end of The Sash.
"But with all of these new electronics--computers, faxes, ftps and phones--it seems you can do almost anything sitting around in your pajamas!"