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protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

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The FTP sites can be accessed at or directly from the links on the "PPI Databases" page or the PPI homepage.
The suite also offers unlimited bandwidth so firms don't have to maintain an FTP site or deal with an email system that is chock-full of attachments.
TradeServer, TradeXCH and TradeClient can be downloaded from Bynari's ftp site (, purchased from Tucows ( or from Bynari's on-line store.
Examples from this database are located at the anonymous FTP site at /pub/databases/data/sd27.tar.
* Check with your printer to see if it has an FTP site to which you can transfer text, artwork, photos, and complete documents.
A central FTP site gives all team members "as-needed" access to data, and it can act as the "master geometry" source for the project.
PSI also set up a Web site to allow on-line reporting and an FTP site for uploading files with employee information.
5 Though printed uppercase here, transferring to an FTP site usually requires a command typed in lowercase letters.
Free Adobe[TM] Reader software is available by connecting to the anonymous FTP site to download the software.
If an FTP site is popular, it might be tough to get a connection.
One ftp site worth getting to know is, where you'll find Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
A 145-page "Catalog of Internet Resources" groups resources into major categories such as "Children," "Economics," and "Movies," and includes gems like a telnet/ftp site for Kennedy assassination conspiracy material and an ftp site for guitar chords for popular songs.
i ssues those commands to an FTP site for the user, receives the output of those commands, and finally returns that output to the user in the form of an e-mail message.
The full Reference Sequence (RefSeq) release 70 is now available online, on the FTP site, and through NCBI's programming utilities, with 74,720,563 records describing 50,351,119 proteins, 11,310,700 RNAs, and sequences from 54,118 different organisms.