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protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

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For example, in this thesis, the FTP server that we need is Serv-U FTP (Nadtoka O F., Martyniuk T S., 2016).
Printers will now have the option to facilitate file transfers to their own FTP servers or have store the files for them.
Since no one "works" or "runs" on the vaults, there is no insecure local access, in contrast to desktop encryption systems or an application running on a server, such as an FTP server.
This massive guide covers everything from the first moments after setting the hardware on the worktable to configuring and customizing web and FTP servers. Master practitioners Stauffer and McElhearn begin with the Mac OS X basics, including recent updates for this edition, the finder, using applications, personalizing, getting help and searching, dealing with PDFs, and working as the administrator.
The new version also provides enhanced connectivity options, allowing users to save archives directly to FTP servers or their .Mac iDisk.
Pricing for a 500- to 1,000-user network, with six web and FTP servers, six firewalls and four email or DNS servers would cost about $3,000 a month.
The TZO Dynamic DNS Service allows small businesses and home offices to reduce their expenses by hosting their own Web sites, e-mail servers, FTP servers and more without having to purchase a static IP address or pay a hosting service.
Today's embedded FTP servers allow individual devices to be accessed for their information, but while FTP is a powerful protocol for file transfers and manipulation, Peisel believes it has user-friendliness limitations.
Designed to provide security for enterprise networks, the Dragon product line offers systems for network and host-based intrusion detection, for monitoring firewalls, routers and third party intrusion detection systems and for detection of attacks against such applications as mail servers, FTP servers and web servers.
FlipFactory is an automated solution that simultaneously transcodes source video into multiple streaming formats and bit rates and sends it to FTP servers, Web servers, caching networks and individual mailboxes in the format each destination requires.
The use of FTP servers as a medium for intellectual property theft is widespread, primarily through their use as "drop sites."(26) To create a drop site, users log on to an FTP server, either anonymously or using a stolen password, and then use the server to exchange pirated works.
Filez is a search engine that makes it easy to search ftp servers for graphics, sounds, movies, and other files.
And you can search for facts about dance companies, performances, funding sources, educational institutions, and more by tapping into information storehouses called gophers, ftp servers, and Web sites.
Archie: A utility to find files stored on FTP servers.
Created backups can be stored on the hard drive, on FTP servers, remote network resources, CDs/DVDs.