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After receiving the biopsy results, further evaluation was performed, and RPR and FTA-ABS test results for syphilis were positive.
Of interest, RPR test results in case 1 were negative, although the FTA-ABS test result returned positive, which supported the diagnosis of syphilis in conjunction with the biopsy and PCR results.
Lewis, An improved antigen for the FTA-ABS test. Health Lab Sci, 1970.
The FTA-Abs treponemal test is another test that has been used to test CSF fluid.(6), (7) This test has high sensitivity and low specificity; a negative test is consistent with the absence of neurosyphilis.(6) False-positive CSF results are common with the FTA-Abs test and are thought to be due to passive diffusion of treponemal antibodies through disruptions in the blood-brain barrier.(6)
CDC plans to conduct studies to compare head-to-head the performances of EIAs, CIAs, the TP-PA test, the FTA-ABS test, and a new treponemal test that utilizes an alternative format (i.e., microbead immunoassay), using specimens from well-defined patient populations whose clinical histories and syphilis risk are known.
Of the 657 RPR-seronegative patients, 236 (35.9%) were positive by the FTA-ABS test. As with the RPR test, patients whose ulcerations were only MPCRTP positive had a higher FTA-ABS seropositivity rate than those with other aetiologies recorded (96.2% v.
pallidum EIA test, TP-PA test, and FTA-ABS test, can produce reactive results for life, even after adequate treatment for syphilis.
Only two patients had a positive RPR, and each had a positive confirmatory FTA-ABS test. Both patients were interviewed regarding previous diagnosis and treatment of syphilis and recent genital or skin lesions.
Evaluation of a Fully Automated Treponemal Test and Comparison with conventional VDRL and FTA-ABS tests. Am J Clin Pathol.
Sensitivity and specificity of TPHA test compared favourably with the TPI and FTA-ABS tests, hence TPHA recommended as a simple alternative specific treponemal test.
In addition to the VDRL and FTA-ABS tests, complete physical evaluation for signs of congenital syphilis should be performed.