frequency modulation

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modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave


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(NYSE: FSK) is a publicly traded business development company focused on providing customized credit solutions to private middle market US companies.
Industrial Exhibitions and outreach in term of Exhibitions is managed by FSK Pvt.
Adopting MR-FSK offers two advantages: (1) it provides good transmit power efficiency due to the constant envelope of the transmit signal; (2) most of the deployed systems in US are based on FSK modulation schemes, including ones operating in the 920-928 MHz license-exempt band and the sub-GHz licensed band.
FSK modulation is faster and more resilient to environmental noises than ASK, while ASK is more resilient to the type of fan in use and its blade pass frequency properties than FSK.
There are four basic types of modulation schemes; FSK PSK PAM and QAM.
This way we can generate FSK signal by switching between two static frequency oscillators for generate 1 and 0 frequency.
The FSK estimates that the German cellular plastic processing industry (about 1,000 firms) employs some 48,000 people.
Both the model ranges offer a 5 Watt RF modem with FSK as standard and FFSK and GMSK options.
The next captured the benefits that digital methods such as BPSK, QUAM, FSK and their variations allowed.
Similarly, frequency-shift keying (FSK) transmits a "one" on one frequency and a "zero" on another frequency.
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft (FSK) or Voluntary Self-Regulation of the Film Industry.
Unit provides a standard 4-20mA analog signal as well as a digital FSK communications signal on the same two-wire signal loop.
FSK: One thing I'd say particularly about Diana is her arrival.
When completed in 1998, the $89.5-million construction project should improve access to area industry, improve the flow of traffic at the Francis Scott Key (FSK) Bridge located near Sparrows Point, Maryland, and help alleviate traffic volumes at two other Baltimore harbor crossings at the Fort McHenry and Baltimore Harbor tunnels.