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Furthermore, the choice of the word "Jugendzeit" [early life] in GDR's version of the title of chapter 3 inculcates a life involving others and other things, whereas FRG's translated the word as "Madchen" [girl] focuses on the individual.
In 2014, the company launched two additional brands: Churchill Frank, which focuses on big data, and Washington Frank, FRG's incubator brand, which specializes in staffing opportunities in emerging cloud technologies.
Integrating goals outlined by the Army Ready and Resilient Campaign and using them to build the foundation for the FRG has developed a company in which Soldiers and Family members want to be actively involved and want to improve unit readiness.
Recognizing that the FRG leadership is in the best position to accomplish this, FRGs have the explicit mission to: "(1) Act as an extension of the unit in providing official, accurate command information.
Both fermented red ginseng (FRG) and non fermented red ginseng (RG) powders were provided by Bifido Inc.
The FRG is capable of adapting to extensively damaged flange sealing surfaces while allowing full closure of the corroded area to prevent further damage.
The FRG handbook can be downloaded at
Becky Kilsby, FRG leader, put forward questions that had been raised by the group during its meetings.
LYC stated that the Crown polymetallic deposit had been the specific topic of discussion for sale with FRG.
("Mortimer") brought suit against the Federal Republic of Germany ("FRG") in the District Court for the Southern District of New York to enforce 351 such bonds valued at over $400,000,000.
San Jose, CA, July 14, 2010 --( FRG Waste Resources, Inc.
The reset part of the cycle gives leaders the chance to reconstitute the family readiness group (FRG) and make it what they would like it to become.
Foundation Radiology Group (FRG), the premier provider of diagnostic imaging professional services, headquartered in Pittsburgh, has announced its exclusive imaging services contract with Uniontown Hospital, in Uniontown, Pa.