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a radioactive element of the alkali-metal group discovered as a disintegration product of actinium

References in classic literature ?
"Yes," said Fred. "There was a Lydgate at John's who spent no end of money.
"Really, I can't say." said Fred, rather glumly, as he left the table, and taking up a novel which he had brought down with him, threw himself into an arm-chair.
"I wish you would not be so vulgar, Fred. If you have finished, pray ring the bell."
There's no knowing what he might have done for you as well as for Fred. God knows, I'm fond of having you at home with me, but I can part with my children for their good.
"Every one would not agree with you there, mother," said Fred, who seemed to be able to read and listen too.
"Fred's studies are not very deep," said Rosamond, rising with her mamma, "he is only reading a novel."
You, already, have your idea about the murderer, Monsieur Fred. Don't deny it; and your theory demands that the murderer should not have been wounded in the hand, otherwise it comes to nothing.
And laughing a little, in a slightly bantering tone, his hands in his pockets, Rouletabille fixed his cunning eyes on the great Fred.
"I shall beat the great Fred, clever as he is; I shall beat them all!"
Miss Jo owes me one, so you are finished," cried Fred excitedly, as they all drew near to see the finish.
It's simmering now, so I hope he'll keep out of my way," returned Jo, biting her lips as she glowered at Fred from under her big hat.
"Dance a hornpipe," cut in Fred, as Jo paused for breath, "and, as they danced, the rubbishy old castle turned to a man-of-war in full sail.
What shall I say?" cried Sallie, as Fred ended his rigmarole, in which he had jumbled together pell-mell nautical phrases and facts out of one of his favorite books.
Booke, Meg, and Ned declined, but Fred, Sallie, Jo, and Laurie piled and drew, and the lot fell to Laurie.
"What is your greatest fault?' asked Fred, by way of testing in her the virtue he lacked himself.