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The same information indicates that the named person is in extradition detention in the Hale detention unit in FR Germany, where he will remain until the decision has been made on extradition to the competent authorities of the Kingdom of Belgium.
from Zagreb and Belgrade to Munich (9), and the prominent "Hellas-" (10) or "Acropolis-" (11) Express that rolled regularly from Greece via Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria to the FR Germany. Also several bus lines and family travels by car made it possible that thousands of Yugoslav citizens holding passports physically crossed the boarders of socialist Yugoslavia to take up employment or to join their family members abroad.
Employers in the FR Germany had the highest demand for workers from Yugoslavia especially during the period of open boarders when Yugoslav citizens were searching a job in Western European countries.
Government of FR Germany has donated equipment worth approximately nine million KM to the BiH Border Police and organized great number of trainings for officers of BiH police agency.
Ambassador of FR Germany to BiH Christine Hohmann commended the efforts of Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of BiH for organizing the seminar and said this is the right time to talk and discuss topics which concern joint defense and security policy of the EU, their understanding in sense of overall efforts of BiH on its path to the Euro-Atlantic integration.
'The continuation of support of the FR Germany's Government to the CIAT Project represents an important milestone in strengthening community security in BiH.
Meeting was also attended by the newly appointed Military Attache of FR Germany Colonel Kai-Uwe Napel and representatives of company 'Airbus' for South East Europe.
Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic met with Chancellor of FR Germany Angela Merkel in Berlin yesterday.
Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis ZvizdiA is paying an official visit to FR Germany, where he was invited by Chancellor Angela Merkel
During the ceremony of equipment handover, he also said that today's donation was one in a series of numerous, valuable donations because UNDP and FR Germany had signed the Agreement for Countering Illicit Arms Trafficking in BiH, or CIAT project.
With you leading the government of FR Germany we know we will continue having a true friend and a reliable partner in our Euro-Atlantic aspirations.