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market as a whole, FOTs ended up at 94.8 percent of average quotes, about equal to the same ratio calculated at the Jan.
The SMI POF connector system also offers low insertion loss for good signal integrity, and the FOTs are shielded for good electromagnetic (EMI) interference characteristics.
The contract is for the system integration phase (SIP) of the follow-on to SMAW (FOTS) program.
A four-year, fixed-price delivery order for the Joint STARS program, Joint STARS Extended Test Support (JETS), is a continuation of the current test program, Follow-on Test Support (FOTS), with similar objectives and provisions.
Can't Get Enough/Connie Briscoe (NEW) ($19.95, Doubleday, ISBN 0-385-50162-5) Lust, greed and revenge continue to drive the well-to-do African American residents of suburban Silver Lake, Md., in Briscoe's entertaining sequel to FOTS list-maker P.G.