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Fota said its efforts to remain part of Mosley's series had been hampered by the FIA's approach to negotiations.
FOTA's main gripe concerns Mosley's governance, and the unilateral manner in which he announced a voluntary pounds 40m budget cap for next season without consulting the teams.
GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN: Mel, Jayne and Sally loved the fantastic mix of activities on offer around Fota Island
A FOTA spokeswoman said: "We are trying to arrange a meeting to sit the teams around the table and see where this takes us." (ANI)
"Ferrari was on the front line in this area (cost-cutting) even before the birth of FOTA and it intends to continue down this route to ensure the sustainability of the sport in the long term."
Ferrari and an unnamed second team - believed to be reigning constructors' champions Red Bull Racing - have given notice of their intention to quit, with the Italian outfit claiming "FOTA's drive has run its course".
The programme was hosted by Friends of Tiruvalla (Fota) ladies wing.
Gemalto's DM-Expert server solution is now Red Bend Certified and is fully interoperable with Red Bend's firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updating and device management client software.
Motorsport's world governing body has released the letter written to them by the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) earlier this week in which the amendments made to the calendar at the World Motor Sport Council hearing last Friday were deemed "unrealistic".
Fota International Liturgy Conference (1st: 2008: Cork, Ireland) Ed.
In order to conduct the analysis that has informed the programme, FOTA commissioned the world-respected environmental research analysis organisation, Trucost, which has for several months been (a) researching and analysing the full range of activities performed by and within Formula One teams and their suppliers, and (b) advising FOTA re measures that will reduce carbon emissions now and in the future.
The Formula One Teams Association (Fota), which groups all the sport's five current manufacturers including BMW, said they were prepared to help their former rivals survive.
FOTA have spent more time dealing with CVC, Formula One's commercial rights holder, than with Ecclestone.
Summary: Formula One is still threatened with a split after the latest breakdown in communication between Fota and the FIA.