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a program written in FORTRAN

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6) is correspondent with output of Fortran program but checking of graphs of this factor (fig.
The Fortran program allows a detailed study on the drying time in the given conditions and the power required for the installation, so that the dielectric maintains its qualities.
The bivariate statistical method involved log-ratio transformation procedures and a computer FORTRAN program developed by Weltje (1993) for construction of 90, 95, and 99% confidence regions.
A FORTRAN program has been developed to numerically compute the Green's tensor for a layer on a half-space with three different bonding conditions between the layer and the half-space.
For each feature there is a number, a short description of the feature, and the feature's miss rate for the C and Fortran program.
The Fortran programs have been tuned for efficiency in ways that can be awkward for C++ programs.
Again a FORTRAN program was used to generate 500 problems and obtain the optimal for each one.
An alternative to Mathcad in producing nonlinear equations is to write a FORTRAN program.
The Fortran program, Lsopt, assists the user in employing this design approach by solving for the optimum source impedance, the corresponding load impedance necessary for the conjugate input impedance match, and the resultant transducer gain over all frequencies and user-specified values of [L.
It formulates the equations of motion symbolically and then writes a Fortran program called a simulation code to solve them.
Many report that their use of NAG Fortran Builder for maintaining standards, debugging and verification of their Fortran programs is invaluable, even if they also use another compiler.
Many of the new features make it easier to join C programs and Fortran programs, including support for reading and writing files written in C that are read in Fortran as stream files.
This book serves as a one-semester text on computational electromagnetics and includes nine FORTRAN programs for various calculations.
Supporting website featuring R codes, Fortran programs and data sets.
C99 has features, such as restricted pointers, that enable it to be optimized as efficiently as the equivalent Fortran programs.