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a high-level programing language for mathematical and scientific purposes

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Fortran is a communications system integrator through its subsidiaries, NTC, B & L Telephone, LLC, CCI-Telecom, Inc., Fortran Communications, Inc.
Originally FORTRAN standard used a fixed source text format, and beginning with FORTRAN 90 version, it is modified: free source code format, as well as the more than one variable set in each row.
However, there are no MOPs existing for Fortran, which is why we implemented OpenFortran in order to support program adaptation for HPC needs.
Examining [I.sub.1] factor in Simons and Senturk reference showed that integral of this factor (Eq.6) is correspondent with output of Fortran program but checking of graphs of this factor (fig.3) showed that [Z.sub.2] value in this graph that started from 0.1 is correct until 0.6 but from 0.6 to end, [Z.sub.2] value has error and every of this value is presented 10 times its actual value.
Malcolm Cohen, a NAG principal technical consultant and Editor of the ISO/IEC Fortran Standard comments, "Fortran users do not always consider that they ought not to depend on a single compiler, which may be set to sacrifice accuracy, standards-conformance and portability in exchange for speed.
The new 10.6 version of the PGI 2010 release adds support for building Windows Fortran applications using the latest version of the popular Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE)--Visual Studio 2010.
Summary: PGI CUDA Fortran Compiler enables programmers to write code in Fortran for NVIDIA CUDA GPUs
X3 9--1966 Fortran which approximates to Fortran TV and X3-io--1966 Basic Fortran which is equivalent to Fortran II.
The platform eliminates the need to re-program applications in C, Fortran or MPI in order to run on parallel systems, resulting in productivity gains and expands its support for cluster workload managers, integrating with the Sun Grid Engine as well as PBSpro.
Absoft(r) Corporation, Rochester Hills, Mich., a leading developer of compilers, debuggers and software development tools for high performance computing, has unveiled its new Pro Fortran v10.1 for Windows which includes tuning for the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm).
John Backus, who developed the Fortran programming language in the 1950s, has died at the age of 82.
Watson Research Center to teach FORTRAN, then a cutting-edge computer programming language, to IBM scientists.
Examples are provided in Fortran 90, C++ and Java throughout and offer plenty of detail on common scenarios, pitfalls, and the elements of sold scientific software production.
"Back in graduate school I learned FORTRAN programming and became pretty good at it.