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a numerical expression representing the efficiency of a given system, material, or procedure

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The 2019 FOM Legacy Tournament on Lake Springfield was well attended and won by the team of Brandt Sjuts, from St.
Recent studies have focused on the dynamics of operation modes and have argued that both internal and external factors influence FOM choice and combinations (Benito et al., 2009; 2011; Pedersen et al., 2002; Puck et al., 2009).
This Use Case Model is the basic manual for the simulation of EW domain as mentioned above, which becomes the basic unit BOM for reusable FOM for HLA federate.
The presence of lymph nodes along the FOM was first reported by Rouviere in 1938 as median and lateral lingual lymph nodes (5).
As the Fl rights-holding broadcaster, RTL Television is responsible with furnishing the feed sent from host broadcaster FOM with services--including vision and sound control, editing suites and replay servers.
We denote the FOM variant of each of the above classes as ClBFOM, GlBFOM, and LiBFOM, respectively.
FOM inhibits UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase (MurA), an enzyme involved in the synthesis of the essential peptidoglycan component, N-acetylmuramic acid [12].
Typical metrics include figure of merit (FOM) [31] and its expanded version (expanded FOM) [32] and multifeature quality measurement [25].
In 2012, Tata Communications started working with Formula One Management (FOM) to deliver world-class connectivity to all Formula 1 race locations, and to provide hosting and content delivery services for, which is accessed by tens of millions of fans across the globe during the race season.
Elles ont fait la fortune de Bernie Ecclestone, 85 ans, le gerant de Formula One Management (FOM), la societe detentrice des droits.
Super-sharp images from within the human body made through tiny endoscopes have come a step closer to reality, thanks to joint research by scientists from the University of Twente's (UT) MESA+ research institute, the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL), FOM and Carl Zeiss AG.
OSHA has updated its Field Operations Manual (FOM) to reflect changes in how the agency will prioritize inspections.
Michael Shiferaw, a rising junior majoring in electrical engineering at Morgan State University, credits the Foundations of Mathematics (FOM) class, an online pre-calculus and mathematics review course he took the summer before his freshman year, for enabling him to avoid delays in moving into his intended major.