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items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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"With women set to make up half of the next FNC, I am hopeful to be among those members," Salma Al Ketbi, 42, an Abu Dhabi mother of four who holds a masters degree in engineering management, told Khaleej Times after signing up to enroll in the upcoming elections.
Since 2006, half of the 40 FNC members have been elected to serve four-year term.
8:15AM-3:45PM/ET (Special Counsel Robert Mueller Hearing Coverage) Network P2+ AA (000) A25-54 AA (000) FNC 3,030 441 CNN 1,515 365 MSNBC 2,408 347 ABC 2,124 489 CBS 1,905 406 NBC 1,989 536 8-11PM Primetime Average Network P2+ AA (000) A25-54 AA (000) FNC 4,287 724 CNN 1,241 382 MSNBC 2,343 418
About 4,000 CALs were produced and were tested by some countries, but it was superseded by the FNC.
Currently, there are some limited, ease-by-case opportunities to seek interlocutory review of FNC denials.
Al-Qubaisi said Saudi-Emirati strategic relations are reflected in coordination efforts between the Shoura Council and the FNC and commended the work of Shoura Council Chairman Abdullah Al-Asheikh.
The FNC will discuss draft laws passed by the committees, as well as the UAE Central Bank Policy.
In December, home prices were up in two-thirds of the markets tracked by the FNC 30-MSA Composite Index.
Following the close of the transaction, FNC operations will be consolidated within the VSG which is reported within CoreLogic's Data and Analytics segment.
The FNC has also made significant strides in regard to water management, as recognized by the award it received for its Ecomill equipment.
About 80,000 UAE nationals, just over a third of those eligible to vote, cast their ballots in the country's third Federal National Election (FNC).
"We have been working on our plans for about three years," said FNC President Glen Evans.
When a plaintiff brings an action in what may be the wrong jurisdiction, the court may put the action on hold in favour of a proceeding in another jurisdiction--a forum non conveniens (fnc) stay, and may make such a stay conditional on some requirement as to how the action will proceed in the other jurisdiction.
The UAE's Federal National Council (FNC) has rejected draft legislation that would have eased controls on foreign ownership of companies, citing security fears and threats to local businesses.
| ABU DHABI, Feb 5 (KUNA) -- The UAE's Federal National Council (FNC) on Tuesday openly condemned a planned visit by Iranian Shura Council members to the Iranian-occupied islands of the UAE.