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the southern part of France

a standard protocol for communication between electronic musical instruments and computers

used of women's clothing having a hemline at mid-calf

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This conjunction would not occur until 1971, when Chowning remembered some synthetic trumpet tones that a Bell Labs researcher had played for him and wondered whether he could indeed achieve a similar effect using FM synthesis. It turned out that he could indeed produce some quite realistic brass tones.
To summarize the vignettes, Deutsch travelled to Japan to work with Yamaha; Chowning patented at Stanford but his landmark FM synthesis patent was licensed to Yamaha; and Smith gave tacit knowledge to Yamaha who later patented his idea.
"We're moving across the board from FM synthesis to wavetable synthesis, and looking to propel audio technology as far as it can go." Wavetable technology synthetically remodels the sounds of 32 real instruments to produce more realistic sound for PC upgraders.
It is much less common, however, to have wavetable synthesis for MIDI music, even though it is far superior than FM synthesis and not much more expensive.
This can be accomplished by using an FM synthesis chip, as on the original cards, or by emulation.