frequency modulation

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Synonyms for frequency modulation

modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave


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MyFi does have a built-in FM modulator that you can set to feed an unused FM frequency to your car receiver.
Figure 9 shows the simulated and measured [DELTA]f with the suggested method for the proposed FM modulator for the different modulation rates.
David Malone, D-Fayetteville, bought an XM radio in December that includes an FM modulator, so that he can still pick up the local AM and FM radio channels.
Other features include a CD changer controller with a large LCD readout, an FM modulator, and a 1-DIN cable connection.
FM transmitters market, by range 200 feet FM transmitters market, by application Home audio system Car stereo system Global FM transmitters Market: Competition Landscape Key Developments In October 2016, WorldCast Systems S.A.S., launched a new powerful FM transmitter Ecreso FM 10kW, the system is based around a fully digital FM modulator that enables excellent audio purity.