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an act passed by Congress in 1978 to establish procedures for requesting judicial authorization for foreign intelligence surveillance and to create the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

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Part I provides general background on the FISA courts and examines when and how they generate binding precedent.
solution came in a redefinition of the language of FISA.
And in 2011, the FISA court discovered that the NSA's process of gathering "upstream" Internet data--data gathered directly by interception from the Internet without the cooperation of service providers--brought in information from tens of thousands of transactions by Americans who were not under any sort of suspicion.
Keith Alexander, one of the witnesses at Thursday's hearing, repeated his earlier contention that there's no evidence of intentional wrongdoing in any of the NSA spying programs, even though the agency has reported thousands of errors to the FISA court.
We use drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists, but we need to go to the FISA Court with a showing of probable cause to collect foreign intelligence about those suspected terrorists.
As FISA requests are secret and companies are prohibited
that would require declassification of FISA court rulings with significant interpretations of federal surveillance laws.
is the foreign intelligence surveillance court, known as the FISA court, a secret body set up in 1978 to monitor federal phone tapping, but which now effectively rubber stamps the illegal snooping into the private lives of millions of Americans.
10) Based upon the information publicly disclosed and the contents of the sealed document, Al-Haramain filed suit against federal officials in their individual and official capacities pursuant to FISA, alleging that its members had been unlawfully subject to surveillance.
FISA, the international rowing federation, have confirmed Great Britain are the only nation to have withdrawn from next weekend's Hamburg World Cup regatta.
FISA have conducted their own risk analysis in conjunction with the local Hamburg government and concluded there "is no particular risk for participants".
com)-- StreamSend, a leading email marketing software provider, is advising email marketers to prepare for FISA, the Canadian version of the CAN-SPAM Act, scheduled to become law by early 2011.
We are dealing with a host of problems and there is no legal or any other support from our Indian missions here," said Gautam Gupta, spokesperson of FISA.