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inventory accounting in which the oldest items (those first acquired) are assumed to be the first sold

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Despite this, Taylor and Simmonds (2009)found that FIFO mining families were generally satisfied with their relationships and lifestyle.
Concurrent with the increase in the number of FIFO workers, there has been a significant and sustained increase in outbound travel from Australia.
Alongside this research is an additional body of work that has examined FIFO work through the lens of psychology and has drawn attention to the emotional demands this work has upon not only employees, but their partners and children as well (for example, Watts 2004; Kaczmarek & Sibbel 2008; Pirotta 2009; Taylor & Simmonds 2009).
We remain cautiously optimistic about our prospects for growth as we look ahead to the end of the year, and we remain on track to achieve our expectations for adjusted FIFO EBITDA," commented chairman and chief executive officer John Lederer.
Adjusted FIFO EDITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, LIFO, and various special items) rose 9.
The study also included a survey of financial executives to determine their rationale for adopting either FIFO or LIFO inventory valuation.
Because it's common to rotate stock by selling the oldest items first, FIFO became so entrenched that it's still widely used even though the old data processing cost factors aren't as binding as they once were.
FIFO produces a more current inventory valuation, but a less current cost of goods sold or cost of sales.
We further characterize the reachable states caused by crash failures using reliable non-FIFO and reliable FIFO links.
Calculate gains on fund shares using both FIFO and averaging methods to see which you should use when you prepare your tax return.
FIFO scheduling Jobs are despatched according to their arrival time
Rural electrics have achieved a FIFO cycle by retiring old, small allocations in years of large margins, the 1980s.
Under FIFO, the earlier $800,000 contribution had to be used up in determining the amount of capital-gain deduction allowed, before the second contribution could be considered.
The research program will seek to understand the range of workplace factors that contribute to mental health issues in FIFO workers and identify positive strategies that can be used by individuals, families and organisations in the FIFO environment.