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an inability to sleep

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[26] examined the effectiveness of LLLT in patients with PF in terms of pain and FFI scores and demonstrated that treatment efficacy persisted at six and 12 months after the treatment.
"Other than completion contracts, which has been exposed to a number of previously disclosed headwinds in the financial year, all of the company's divisions are expected to report trading in line with or ahead of the board's expectations," FFI Holdings said in the statement Friday.
We used the modified version of the FFI in which the physical activity was not included (9, 10).
FFI also plans to organise an international film festival in a city other than the big metros to promote movies and the region for tourism and investment from film fraternity for shooting purpose.
Two experts from FFI instructed a 12-member research team in the first stage of training.
(Man will land on Mars) In the next example of implicit FFI, students of Spanish are asked to read the passage Caperucita roja (Little Red Riding Hood) and then to respond to comprehension questions about it).
As per the deal, FFI will open the first Nikkie cuisine (Japanese-Peruvian) restaurant concept named Clay in the largest of the 10 spacious units available in the complex.
It is worth noting that more FFI cases have been reported in China than those in any other Asian regions (three cases were reported in Japan and one case in Korea),[3] suggesting a genetic susceptibility among the Han population.
On the other hand, FFIs are required to report to the US Treasury foreign financial accounts exceeding $10,000.
FFI has acquired Signature for a consideration comprising initial payment of USD 5m in cash followed by four annual payments of 13.75% of Signature's prevailing EBIT at a 5 times multiple.
Supran Sen, FFI Secretary General, told Gulf News tabloid!
The IRS has given an extension to entities that missed the July 31 deadline to renew their foreign financial institutions (FFI) agreement under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
One such questionnaire is the Foot Function Index (FFI).
Police are out in force t it t l t ffi h trying to untangle traffic chaos, car parks are unreachable and the city centre shops lose any hope of making a profit that day as visitors give up and go to Bangor or Lisburn.