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a diagnostic procedure to detect breast tumors by the use of X rays

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Certain mammographic abnormalities that have limited visualization on conventional FFDM, including noncalcified masses, faint microcalcifications and some architectural distortions, can make S-VAB difficult.
The phantoms (three tissue ratios, seven thicknesses) were imaged using FFDM (General Electric Senographe Essential F, Buc, France).
Suas equacoes foram, inclusive, inseridas em um software, o CSIRO Fire Danger and Fire Spread Calculator (CSIRO, 1999), a fim de se facilitar a aplicacao do FFDM para simulacoes acerca do comportamento do fogo e na definicao de areas de maior risco e perigo para ocorrencia de incendios florestais.
These were obtained in a sample of 320 women by five methods, three from 2D mammography (HSM, MATH, and FFDM) and two from 3D MRI (3DGRE and STIR).
On the other hand, an FFDM has a lower spatial resolution than an SFM.
Sensitivity falls to less than 50% in women who have dense breasts (BI-RADS 3 or 4) (Table I), although FFDM performs significantly better than screen film for pre-menopausal women younger than 50 years of age.
Available for FFDM vendors interested in reducing false-positive rates of existing CAD systems, AccuDetect is intended to assist radiologists in the early detection of breast cancer during mammography screening exams.
"Synapse is an advanced PACS that is uniquely capable of providing the diagnostic and clinical tools that radiologists demand for FFDM. The Breast Imaging Diagnostic Workstation will now enable customers that might already have an existing PACS to benefit from full Synapse capabilities and additional features specifically designed for digital mammography when interpreting their FFDM studies."
The next phase in the evolution of the NHSBSP, along with the proposal to extend the screening programme to women from ages 47 to 73 years [1], is the conversion from analogue SFM to full-field digital mammography (FFDM).
The data set was derived from a study in which 1,083 women, age 18 years or more, underwent two-view, full-field digital mammogram (FFDM) and digital tomosynthesis exams at five U.S.
The combination of FFDM and tomosynthesis resulted in highly significant improvements in the radiologist's performance, as demonstrated by receiver-operator curve analyses, said Dr.
"What is most exciting about tomo is that it is fairly easily implemented with straightforward modifications to the hardware of the average system, and therefore has the potential to be comparable to FFDM [full-field digital mammography] in dose and scan time," he said.
"The combination of Siemens' FFDM systems with our customized CAD technology offers excellent new capabilities in the fight against breast cancer."
The most notable additions involve add-on codes for computer-aided detection (CAD) and full-field digital mammography (FFDM).
Transpara supports DICOM connectivity to PACS and FFDM modalities and uses DICOM CAD-SR for the display of regular CAD marks on a mammography reading station.