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a specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)

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When contacted by M AIL T ODAY , FDDI secretary Ajay Kumar and Bhatia refused to comment on the issue.
In most cases, removal of the existing FDDI system isn't necessary since most installations provided extra fiber pairs as backup for future growth.
A far more cost-effective approach, that requires no tax juggling to justify, is implementation of a Gigabit Ethernet switch that is compatible with the existing infrastructure, be it FDDI, ATM, or Fast Ethernet.
With the FDDI Gateway, both FDDI and Ethernet-based networks can coexist for temporary or permanent use.
It provides 12 shared or dedicated 10 Mb/s ports that are switched to high-speed FDDI.
Even so, because of addressing conflicts in translating between NetWare and FDDI frames, it's impossible to bridge traffic from a NetWare client on a token-ring LAN to a NetWare server on the FDDI network, and a router is needed.
We selected 3Com because the company provided the combination of the best FDDI migration path with advanced networking technology support, allowing us to transition to a higher-speed network that would meet our requirements to support voice, video and data applications," said Brian Dahill, manager of communications infrastructure and planning for the Sony Technology Center in San Diego.
Performance Technologies' VME600A FDDI Node Adapter delivers triple fault tolerant FDDI or Alternate Path FDDI (APFDDI) 100Mb/sec LAN communications, and is designed to meet the reliability needs of high availability, mission critical networking applications such as the Q-70 system.
Fiber Driver supports SONET, SDH, ATM, FDDI and 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, with interchangeable modules.
Expert uses statistical analysis to pinpoint causes of collisions; FDDI error-tracking now includes SMT and MAC packets, showing aggregate as well as errors by station
Tenders are invited for E-Tenders Are Invited By The Fddi From Reputed, Experienced And Financially Sound Suppliers For Supply Of Chemicals In Fddi, A-10-A, Sector-24, Noida (Up).
Tenders are invited for Fddi Kolkata Invites E Tender From Reputed Insurance Companies To Cover Group Mediclaim Policy For Fddi Staff & Their Families.
WaveSwitch 9200 becomes the world's largest FDDI switch
Tenders are invited for Fddi Invites E-Tender In Two-Bid System From The Reputed Suppliers For Supply Of Training Material In Fddi, A-10/A, Sector-24, Noida (Up).