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a cooperative nationwide system of banks and associations providing credit to farmers and related businesses

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Applying this model to the FCS program, the Army would have established 20 separate PMOs, typically one for each platform of the FCS System of Systems (SOS), which would have awarded separate contracts to a prime contractor to develop their respective platform of the FCS system.
In March of 2002, the Army and DARPA selected the team of Boeing and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) as the LSI for the FCS. At that time, the LSI approach was expected to afford opportunities to insert leap-ahead technology upgrades, incorporate best business practices, and to ensure an integrated effort from all concerned.
The Army chose to implement the LSI concept on the FCS program because its leadership felt that "business as usual" would not work, and the LSI approach afforded many benefits that would be critical to the success of the program.
The primary value of using an LSI for the FCS program was in the area of manpower.
The first step, determining the fight mix of functional expertise needed to tackle the FCS program, would probably not have been accomplished in a timely manner, as the Army has never attempted a program of this magnitude.
FCs that have conducted reasonable diligence should be protected by the good faith exception under Regs.
Time will tell whether Notice 2003-38 has succeeded in getting FCs to file tax returns not previously filed.
The delivery of the first FCS systems will mark the introduction of the next generation of combat systems and sensors and of a network that will for the first time link all the sensor pictures gathered across the modern battlefield, said Brig.
As impressive as the FCS demonstrations were, their demonstrators were quick to point out that the FCS program supports the Army's larger vision of building modular forces that will play a key role in joint operations.
"The overall purpose of the FCS family of systems is, quite simply, to provide an organization that is mobile, agile, and protected, and that provides the joint combatant commander a multitude of options that [he or she] doesn't have today," said Al Resnick, director of requirements integration at U.S.
"If you go back and look at the Army's mission-needs statement when it started down the path toward FCS, you see that the Army had--and still has--a critical need to be able to take units, like brigades, anywhere at any time and have them be combat-capable when they get there," said retired Lt.
Phantom Works, Boeing's advanced research and development arm, working with Boeing Space and Communications, and SAIC led separate teams for the Concept Definition phase of FCS. The two teams' combined experiences and backgrounds proved to be a winning combination for the upcoming Concept and Technology Development phase.
"By teaming with SAIC, we were able to merge the best of each of our concepts to provide the lowest risk approach to achieving initial operational capability in this decade and a rapid evolution to the most capable FCS force possible," Ron Prosser, vice president of Advanced Space and Communications for Phantom Works said.
"SAIC brings a team of experienced senior engineers and scientists with strong DARPA and Army experience and expertise that is critical to the FCS program: systems engineering; modeling, simulation; test and evaluation; combat systems; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance," said Duane Andrews, SAIC corporate executive vice president.
Part of what makes FCS transformational is its adherence to the new DoD Evolutionary Acquisition model of Spiral Development, which allows developers to insert emerging technology as the systems mature over time.