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an independent government agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio and television and wire and cable and satellite

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And so the FCC now censors and chills political speech--even that of the president, for most broadcast outlets did choose to bleep him for fear of fines.
For the past two decades, however, the FCC has encouraged ITFS licensees to lease excess ITFS channel capacity for commercial purposes to further the policy goals of encouraging full use of the spectrum and promoting competitive commercial communications systems, while at the same time providing support for educational services.
The FCC has provided no clear guidance on this question.
As FCC chairman Michael Powell has said, economies of scale and the falling prices of televisions will more than make up for any differential in the price of an external DTV box and an internal tuner card.
The FCC regulations adopted in 1996 required compliance by Sept.
6 letter to FCC Chairman William Kennard describing the changes as "outrageous.
I don't think there is any chance this will result in local rate increases,'' said Cooper, who called the FCC action a ``partial victory'' for consumers.
For more information about the upcoming auctions, future public hearings or opportunities in telecommunications, contact the FCC Office of Small Business Activities at 202-632-1571.
Frank Wright, chief of FCC's Frequency Liaison Branch, noted that the telemetry equipment game officials used had been authorized under an FCC license granted for biological research.
But by 1955 Du Mont's network was out of business, strangled in its crib by an FCC that was protecting not consumers but its old (and generous) clients, the radio networks, which wanted to get control of the burgeoning new medium before it seriously threatened them.
With the FCC and Nextwave embroiled in litigation, Verizon asked the FCC to return its down payment, since the spectrum space has not been released to the winning bidders.
With the FCC set to rule on these issues May 8, the prospect of higher rates is already whipping up a political tempest on Capitol Hill.