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a congenital medical condition in which body deformation occurs or facial development or mental ability is impaired because the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy

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"Further studies should examine whether other characteristics at the FAS could improve the detection of renal pathology during antenatal screening," the authors write.
NUCA has committed to providing the needed information and facilities for FAS to conduct studies and build the station, of which it will have through a 25-year right-of-use asset agreement.
The company noted that the Chico's FAS Board has already reviewed and unanimously rejected a previous higher-priced proposal from Sycamore submitted on May 10, 2019 to acquire the company for USD 3.50 per share.
The objective was to provide significant enhancement and make FAS more comparable with the generally accepted accounting framework like IFRS, enabling users to apply AAOIFI accounting standards in a more consistent manner.
Defense counsel's investigation into potentially mitigating evidence of FAS failed to meet an objective standard of reasonableness.
At present, 3,500 FAS partner schools in 36 districts of the Punjab Province show the success of this program in imparting quality education to the poor strata of the society (Punjab-Education-Foundation, 2012).
'I would like to put it on record here, that in 2017, FAS president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal said they had sent countless letters (to the state government) to use SSA, but no letter was given by the FAS throughout the year to the state government to use SSA, until the end of 2017, and I sent a letter back to them to hold a discussion.
Clarification of the mechanism of polarity change is the next challenge to understand the control of migrating cells in response to mechanical stimuli since extensive studies have demonstrated the self-assembling actin cytoskeletal structure and dynamics of FAs for polarity generation and maintenance.
According to Nepra, CPPA has prayed for reducing the rate of electricity under FAS for the month of September.
Currently, as much as 12 lakh and 37 thousand male and female students are enrolled in about 23 hundred FAS partner schools which are situated in 36 districts of the province.
Dubai: Ramco Systems, a software company, said on Wednesday it has signed its biggest Middle East aviation contract ever in a three year tie-up with Abu Dhabi-based Falcon Aviation Services (FAS).
Fas is a cellular death receptor that has been linked to cholangiocarcinoma.
17 March 2014 - A research team from India has demonstrated that an assay test for urine levels of soluble Fas (s-Fas), a cell-surface receptor involved in apoptosis and frequently overexpressed in bladder cancer, may be used for detection of early bladder cancer as well or better than existing methods.