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the syllable naming the fourth (subdominant) note of the diatonic scale in solmization

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Theos' role as Fah Mai Holdings Global Ambassador will see him representing the company at trade shows and conferences, along with acting as an invaluable additional point of contact for investors.
Thus, COIPRODEN demanded that Hernandez instruct the Ministerio de Defensa and the FAH Chiefs of Staff "to immediately stop the Guardianes de la Patria program and, instead of investing resources in the armed forces to that end, transfer the budget to state institutions whose mission is to care for vulnerable children and teenagers to meet their technical and financial needs."
Users running FAH can observe the protein folding process being simulated on their PS3s, as well as rotate the strand and zoom in and out using a wireless controller.
Both the FAH and the American Hospital Association testified that the hospitals should be required to accept appropriate transfers, however.
And FAH is supporting the Hospital Fair Competition Act of 2005 (S.
Fah and Ken went to see him in police custody, hoping the family could go to Thailand together.
RS Promotion 1992 received best song award for "Magic" from the teen movie "The Life of Oum Sumwang," while best sound went to Chaikon Siriwat of BEC World for "Fah" (Blue).
A single cell had apparently reverted to producing the missing enzyme, fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase (FAH), and then vigorously proliferated to generate each nodule.
The enzyme is fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase (FAH) which is markedly reduced in affected patients.
The Malaysian Bar in response argued that the video evidence was accompanied by the testimonies of two witnesses - Gwo Burne and his father Loh Mui Fah - who testified that the incident took place.
Banker-turned-entrepreneur Macky Fah shifted to jewelry when she joined her in-laws' eponymous fine jewelry business in Switzerland.
Decrochant en 2012 a Londres une honorable 26e place avec 4 medailles d'or, 6 en argent et 9 en bronze, le handisport algerien a ete mis, selon l'un des hommes forts de la FAH, sur la voie de la continuite, affirmant que c'est dans un esprit de famille que l'evenement paralympique a ete prepare.
FAH has urged CMS to prohibit physician owners of specialty hospitals to self-referral patients.