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a device consisting of a container of fuel and two explosive charges

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They can enjoy fairy cakes at the Doocot Diner after spotting wild Scottish Fae folk on Newhailes' exclusive faery trail.
This article unpacks FAE in Swiss asylum procedures, focusing on one particular procedure called three-pillar analysis.
A Fae Seer, Seireadan is haunted by a vision of the Fae responsible for destroying Faerie and murdering her family.
"Oxygen Censor is a censor which helps to control the less consumption and less combustion of bike, car and other automotives," said chairman FAE, Francisco Marro.
Les resultats sont d'autant plus satisfaisants qu'ils confirment, on ne peut mieux, la grande marge de progression enregistree depuis l'avenement de l'actuel president de la FAE, Raouf Bernaoui.
The upgrade reflects Fitch's expectations of stronger credit metrics in 2016 and beyond, following improved results in 2015 and the disposal of about 95% of the automotive exteriors (FAE) business.
UK-based Downley Consultants and Saudi Arabia's Faiz Aleweet Engineering (FAE) Consulting Office have opened a UAE branch to provide trenchless consultancy services to the GCC market.
The Queen of Blood and Rage, ruler of the fae, will do anything to avenge the death of her child and the ongoing destruction of the planet at the hands of humans.
Now he reckons he's struck gold again by helping create the Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga - a spoof of TV series Real Housewives.
Darkness is spreading across the Realm of Elsvanische, seeking to destroy the Fae. Arkan, Fae prince of the Kingdom of Ylsnavan, finds himself thrust into a war he thought he would never have to face, against an enemy he never knew could exist.
The Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga is at the Pavilion Glasgow from July 23.