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an agency in the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the safety of civilian aviation

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If discrepancies are found during the rotational check, the FAA recommends "replacing the starter adapter and crankshaft gear retaining screws" and following CMI Service Bulletin, SB16-6, October 19, 2016, when performing related maintenance.
The UAV ground school program (UAVGS) is produced by the nation's pilot education leader Gold Seal, which has prepared over 45,000 private pilots for their FAA knowledge test.
The UAV Ground School program is taught by FAA certified instructors and uses FAA-compliant materials that are presented in an online interactive multimedia format, allowing students to learn at their own pace.
In 2014, the FAA began allowing commercial drone operations by granting exemptions under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization & Reform Act of 2012.
Currently, the FAA contracts its cybersecurity work to a company known as SRA International, though that could change soon.
Continue reading "The Politics Behind the FAA's Israel Flight Ban" at...
However, the FAA's proposed budget for 2014 assumes a long-term solution to the nation's budget deficit is reached and no sequester, according to the FAA.
Other workers across the US have similarly been forced to stop work on critical airport modernisation projects and nearly 4,000 FAA employees, many needed to oversee these projects, have been furloughed, according to the FAA.
The contract is for next-generation radios that will support the FAA's future air/ground communications needs.
"We are proud of our affiliation and long-term commitment to the FAA," said Eileen Rivera, president/CEO of FAA First.
"Although we breached security with ridiculous ease up to 90% of the time," Dzakovic told the commission, "the FAA suppressed these warnings.
As FAA's first Government Affairs Director, Scarboro will build the government affairs program for FAA from the ground up.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), for instance, has the authority to determine where and how airport noise should be managed.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has purchased PROGNOSIS systems management software from Integrated Research (IR) to manage its recently updated international weather messaging system.
After unknown laser light sources illuminated several commercial aircraft in 1997, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in partnership with the Ontario International Airport in California, began tracking laser illuminations against aircraft and helicopters.