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an agency in the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the safety of civilian aviation

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Worse, there were 10,300 pilots in all with DWI convictions listed in the registry-meaning the FAA certified more than 2,000 pilots with full knowledge of their drunk-drivi ng records.
Through this contract, GTSI will be instrumental in helping the FAA do three things: First, reduce the total cost of ownership of IT hardware.
In February, the FAA ordered the Burbank Airport Authority to repay the passenger terminal funds after plans to build a new terminal failed to gain community backing.
The OIG's survey report on the Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process identified a systemic problem of manufacturers producing and selling replacement aircraft parts outside the FAA criteria.
US FAA unveiled its long-awaited and controversial Extended Operations rule yesterday that brings two-, three- and four-engine aircraft under a common regulation for long-haul operations with limited diversion airports.
Lang's letter also said the FAA agreed with proposals to allow LAX to pay for some roadway improvements as long as they are related to air traffic, passengers or airport property.
Ever since, Kitsch has fought a protracted legal battle with the industry and the FAA, which is struggling to overturn the ban and reintroduce the louder aircraft against the desires of both the community and the airport itself.
In April, an FAA "white glove" investigation, launched as a result of the mechanics' letter, judged Alaska Air's maintenance records inadequate.
Noting the very small number of violations turned up by FAA inspectors (less than 0.
The United States could not function as a modem economy without the air links that the FAA oversees.
The magazine obtained FAA internal documents which show that major U.
Last year Bramlitt petitioned FAA to implement rules that could head off these problems.
The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA), the lobbyist group representing outsourced repair shops, petitioned the court to overturn the FAA ruling and exempt outsourced facilities from mandated drug and alcohol testing.
The taxes have already been collected, but the city needs approval from the FAA to spend the funds.
FAA delegates the vast majority of its safety certification activities to about 13,600 private persons and organizations, known as "designees," which are currently grouped into 18 different programs.